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  • Sandra Susinskyte

Volkswagen ID. Buzz: Best EV you can rent for A Journey through Norway

Last week, my friends from Spain asked me a question: What's the optimal way to travel Norway this year? After some consideration, we reached a unanimous conclusion that a car would be our best solution. Yet, the choice remained: big or small, traditional, or electric? Or perhaps something more universal, a vehicle that offers the luxury of sleeping under the stars instead of booking expensive hotel rooms each night. Therefore, I started to work for the perfect solution. I made few phone calls, looked on the internet, and I found the ideal answer, along with a company ready to provide the ultimate EV experience for exploring Norway this summer. I came across with this amazing electric vehicle that can be the answer to the question that I received from my friends. It is Volkswagen ID. Buzz, a fully connected, fully electric van infused with great technology and universal design. This van was transformed into a campervan by the top-rated Norwegian campervan rental company Cabin Campers.

Wolkswagen ID. Buzz it’s all you need for your comfortable journey

The ID. Buzz builds on its iconic predecessor, combining advanced infotainment and driver assistance systems with nice interior design and comfort. Whether you're cruising the city streets or heading out on a family adventure, the ID. Buzz offers the perfect combination of practicality and elegance. We will look at ID. Buzz in general and then I will check together what smart Cabin Campers Team from Norway did with this van so we can call it campervan.

Before continuing to read you can check this video it will help you better imagine how beautiful and unique ID. Buzz is.

Assistance system

To say that ID. Buzz is beautiful is like to say nothing, because the beauty has to be practical and comfortable also. ID. Buzz has Park Assist Plus featuring a memory function, so drivers can without effort teach their vehicle up to five unique parking maneuvers. The system identifies parallel parking spaces at speeds of up to 38 kmph and parking bays at speeds of up to 20 kmph. Once programmed, the ID. Buzz autonomously repeats the designated maneuvers, offering convenience and peace of mind. Is in it great?

ID. Buzz is Elegant

ID. Buzz can have from 19” up to 21” light-alloy wheels. This fact never was important for me, but let’s agree it looks good. You will stand out on the road with modern lighting design, including LED matrix headlights that spin and illuminate upon approach, together with an interactive light display and environment lighting creating a cozy atmosphere. The “Coming and Leaving Home” feature ensure illumination in the dark, highlighting the innovative and practical features of ID. Buzz.

ID. Buzz has a Style and Space

When you step inside the ID. Buzz you will experience a redesigned interior concept that smoothly integrates digital innovation with practical flexibility. Aplenty luggage space of up to 1,121 liters behind the second row of seats, the ID. Buzz ensures every journey is comfortable and large. Boasting over 30 assistance systems, including advanced safety features, the ID. Buzz prioritizes safety, comfort, and quality.

Storage Solutions

The large ID. Buzz Box, situated between the driver and front passenger, offers quick and efficient storage for everyday essentials. Equipped with removable compartments, bottle openers, and ice scrapers. With the box removed, access to the rear is optimized, creating flexible space between the front seats.

Eco-Friendly Mobility for Every Occasion

Whether commuting in the city or boarding on countryside adventures, the ID. Buzz delivers unique versatility and comfort. With comfortable seating and large legroom for all passengers, including a generous luggage capacity, the ID. Buzz is the perfect companion for any journey.

ID. Buzz from Cabin Campers

Until now I shortly introduced to you what is it in general Volkswagen ID. Buzz, how it looks and what it can. As you see it is an amazing van which has plenty space for you, your friends and family members. But we were looking for more. And more we found on

In the creative Cabin Campers Team hands, Volkswagen ID. Buzz became something more than just van. As you plan your next journey, imagine cruising through the landscapes of Norway in style and sustainability. These fully equipped electric campervan offer a comfy bed, fully equipped kitchen, fridge, automatic transmission, and brand-new construction in 2024. Exploring Norway has never been easier thanks to Cabin Campers and my friends was happy with the solution I found for them.

Visit their official website to learn more, reserve your very own ID. Buzz and set off on an unforgettable journey through Norway's stunning landscapes, from the majestic fjords to the charming villages and everything in between. Book your rental today and start planning your ultimate Norwegian adventure.

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