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About ElectricZona

ElectricZona concept

Discover the latest buzz in the electric vehicle world at ElectricZona – your ultimate website with latest news and updates.


Dive into a world of electric mobility as we bring you real-time news about electric cars, insights into electric motorcycles, and the scoop on electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric airplanes, and electric boats.

Our platform is meticulously curated to keep you informed about the latest trends and innovations in sustainable transportation. From in-depth reviews to on-the-ground reporting, ElectricZona is committed to delivering timely and comprehensive news coverage across the entire spectrum of electric vehicles.

Stay ahead of the curve with our dedicated categories covering news about electric cars, news about electric motorcycles, news about electric bicycles, news about electric scooters, news about the future electric airplanes, and definetly news about electric boats. Whether you're a seasoned industry professional, an EV enthusiast, or someone curious about the future of transportation, ElectricZona is your trusted source for the most up-to-date news and insights.

Get ready to navigate the electrifying world of green mobility with ElectricZona – where the latest news in electric vehicles takes center stage!

Who is behind ElectricZona?

Meet Alex Onea, the person who started ElectricZona. Alex loves cars, motorcycles, and anything with wheels. He wanted to make a blog about his interests. He realized that electric vehicles (EVs) are the future, so he chose to focus on them.

Alex looked at other websites and saw they were just adding a small section about EVs. He didn't like that. So, he got the idea to create ElectricZona, a new website all about electric vehicles.

ElectricZona has different sections for Electric Cars, Electric Motorcycles, Electric Bicycles, Electric Scooters, Electric Airplanes, and Electric Boats. Alex spends his free time keeping ElectricZona up to date with the latest news about electric vehicles. However, please understand that researching and creating news can take time. Until then, do not hesitate to explore the page and discover different articles, or share what you think is interesting for you.

If you like ElectricZona and want to support Alex, you can follow ElectricZona on social media or send suggestions.


Let's move towards the future of transportation together!

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