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Cookies Policy

This website uses cookies and similar technologies to store information and retrieve data while you browse. These tools serve various purposes, such as identifying you as a registered user, gathering information about your browsing habits, or customizing the presentation of content.

The specific uses of these technologies are detailed in the Cookie Configurator, which you can access through the menu of our website.

What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies, in short, are small files stored on your device containing data about your browsing. This data helps us improve the quality of our website by allowing us to assess the usefulness of different pages and potential areas for improvement.

Cookies are essential for the functioning of the internet, providing numerous advantages in delivering interactive services, facilitating navigation, and improving the usability of our website. Additionally, their activation allows us to identify and resolve errors.

What types of cookies do we use?

Our website uses several types of cookies:

  • Analytical cookies: These allow us to quantify the number of users and conduct statistical analysis of how they use our services.

  • Behavioral advertising cookies: These help us display relevant advertising based on your browsing habits.

  • Session cookies: Temporary cookies used to analyze traffic patterns and enhance the user experience.

  • Persistent cookies: Stored on your device for future visits, with a set expiration date.

  • Technical cookies: Necessary for the proper functioning of the website, such as traffic control and data security.

The purpose of each cookie used can be found in the Cookie Configurator.


How can you configure or disable your cookies?

You can use the Cookie Configurator in the website menu to manage your cookie preferences. Additionally, you can configure your Internet browser to allow, block, or delete cookies according to your preferences. However, please note that disabling cookies may affect your experience on the website and limit access to certain services. Consult the following links for more information on managing cookies in your browser:

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