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  • Sandra Susinskyte

Your new RV or Home on Wheels: Introducing the AC FUTURE eTH

In an era marked by collaboration and innovation, the partnership between AC Future, a progressive startup from California, and the esteemed design firm Pininfarina has resulted in a remarkable achievement: the eTH, or as they called it the Electric Transformer House. Set to debut in 2025, the AC FUTURE eTH represents more than just an RV. It signifies a revolution in in motorhome living, incorporating advanced technology with elegant design to create a sanctuary for a home on wheels.

The AC FUTURE eTH captivates with its futuristic design, smooth lines, sleek edges, and compact wheels. All clear signs of its electric heritage. However, it's the thoughtful details that truly distinguish it. The expansive glass privacy walls provide occupants with control over visibility, allowing them to admire the scenery outside or retreat into their own private space.

The true magic happens when the AC FUTURE eTH comes to life at the touch of a button. With a display that brings to mind a graceful dance, the RV transforms into a spacious three-room house, growing nearly three times in size from its initial compact form. This impressive change is made possible by a clever design featuring walls that can expand and roll, seamlessly merging the ideas of mobility and permanence.

What features contribute to the luxurious living experience in the AC FUTURE eTH?

Stepping into the expanded space, one is greeted by a sense of endless possibilities. With up to 37 square meters of living area, meticulously designed, the AC FUTURE eTH offers a comfortable and luxurious environment. The cockpit undergoes a remarkable transformation, evolving from a simple driving cab into a versatile office space with swivel seats. As the steering wheel discreetly retreats beneath the dashboard and electronic side mirrors fold away, occupants are enveloped in a panoramic view, transitioning effortlessly from the road to the comforts of home.

Every aspect of the AC FUTURE eTH is carefully designed to improve the motorhome living experience. The RV has a spacious dining room and guest bedroom, filled with natural light filtered through adjustable privacy glass for relaxation or sleep. Meanwhile, the master bedroom, situated at the rear of the AC FUTURE eTH, offers a retreat from the busy outside world.

Yet, the AC FUTURE eTH is not just a symbol of luxury. It's also a lighthouse of sustainability. Large solar panel covering nearly every inch of its roof, the RV uses the power of the sun to generate over 25 kilowatt-hours of energy daily. Additionally, an integrated water generator produces approximately 50 liters of fresh water each day, further improving its self-sufficiency and reducing its environmental impact.

What is the expected pricing range for the AC FUTURE eTH?

While pricing details for this RV are yet to be unveiled, it's expected that the AC FUTURE eTH is estimated to be between $250,000 and $300,000, reflecting its advanced technology and custom-made design. However, this investment goes beyond simple ownership of an RV. It represents a commitment to a lifestyle characterized by freedom, sustainability, and adventure on the open road. As the AC FUTURE eTH leads the way into the future of motorhome living, it invites us to reimagine the possibilities of a home on wheels—a world where comfort, convenience, and conscience come together seamlessly.

In conclusion, the AC FUTURE eTH redefines mobile living with its innovative technology and thoughtful design. Experience the RV's transformative features by visiting the official AC FUTURE website. Additionally, we invite you to watch their video showcasing all the incredible features of this remarkable home on wheels.

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