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Meet the Nominees for the 2024 Best Electric Boat Awards

In the vast blue expanse, a quiet revolution is taking place as electric boats emerge as the new face of marine travel. These eco-friendly vessels are rewriting the rules of sailing, powered by sustainable energy sources that promise not only a smoother journey but also a cleaner, greener impact on our oceans. As we set sail into 2024, the world of boating is witnessing a paradigm shift towards electric propulsion, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable and efficient maritime future.

Get ready for a sea change as electric boats take the spotlight! We're excited to reveal the contenders for the 2024 Best Electric Boat Awards. These boats run on clean energy, reshaping the way we sail. Join us on a journey to uncover the cool technologies and eco-friendly designs that are steering the course for the future of boating. The ocean beckons, and so do these eco-friendly pioneers. Let's dive in and discover the boats that are making waves in aquatic innovation.

According to Powerboat Award, the nominees for the Best Electric Boat Awards in 2024 are:

Capoforte SQ 240 I

The Capoforte SQ 240 I, a trailblazer in electric boating for 2024, is set to redefine on-water experiences. With a sleek design by Christian Grande and crafted by Cantieri Aschenez, this 7.38-meter beauty combines elegance with sustainability.

Equipped with a potent 50Kw MOLABO ISCAD V50 engine and an additional 3.7 Kw Yamaha Harmo Rim-Drive Electric, the Capoforte SQ 240 I promises an eco-friendly voyage without compromising performance.

The vessel accommodates up to 10 passengers, offering ample space for memorable gatherings on the water. Optional features like a triple 30-liter fridge and a 50-liter water capacity enhance the onboard experience, ensuring both comfort and convenience. Built with Glass Fiber, this electric boat is as durable as it is stylish, embodying a commitment to both luxury and environmental responsibility.

Powered by a cutting-edge MAX 4X200A 48V LiFePO4 battery pack, the Capoforte SQ 240 I is not just a boat; it's a statement of sustainable luxury, charting a course towards a cleaner and greener maritime future.

Edorado 8S

Meet the Edorado 8S, a 2024 electric boat that redefines the horizon of nautical excitement. With a length overall of 8.35 meters and a beam of 2.5 meters, this sleek vessel promises an exhilarating experience on the water.

Equipped with a draft that adjusts from 45 cm up to 125 cm, the Edorado 8S provides versatility for various water conditions, ensuring a smooth journey whether you're cruising or exploring shallower waters. Powered by an electric motor, this eco-conscious boat boasts a range of 74 km (40 nautical miles) at a take-off speed of 26 km/h (14 knots), reaching a top speed of 70 km/h (38 knots). What sets the Edorado 8S apart is not just its impressive performance but its commitment to the environment, emitting zero CO2.

Designed for both adventure and relaxation, the Edorado 8S features a swimming platform for water enthusiasts and an automatic anchor for added convenience during your maritime escapades. Experience the future of boating with the Edorado 8S, where revolutionary technology meets sustainable exploration on the open water.

Kaebon Elektroboot Eins

Meet the Kaebon Elektroboot Eins, a small yet powerful electric boat making a splash in 2024. With a length of 5.25 meters and a width of 1.70 meters, this boat is all about being efficient and eco-friendly.

Built with lightweight carbon fiber materials, it weighs only 89kg, ensuring a nimble and environmentally conscious ride. It's certified for up to four people and comes with a CE certification for safety. The Kaebon Elektroboot Eins runs on a maximum 20 kW electric outboard motor. Whether you're speeding along for 45 minutes or taking it slow for 6-10 hours, this boat offers a versatile performance to suit your water adventures.

Step into the future of electric boating with the Kaebon Elektroboot Eins, where simplicity meets sustainability for an enjoyable and eco-conscious maritime experience.

X Shore 1

Prepare to sail into the future with the X Shore 1, a remarkable electric boat available in two versions - Open or Top, each offering an unparalleled experience on the water.

Open Version:

Length: 6.5m / 21 ft

Top Speed: 30 Knots

Range: 50 NM

Cruising Speed: 20 Knots

Weight: 1.7 Tons

Electric Motor: 125 kW

Top Version:

Length: 6.5m / 21 ft

Top Speed: 30 Knots

Range: 50 NM

Cruising Speed: 20 Knots

Weight: 1.77 Tons

Electric Motor: 125 kW

Whether you opt for the wind in your hair with the Open model or the enclosed comfort of the Top model, the X Shore 1 promises a top speed of 30 Knots, a cruising speed of 20 Knots, and an impressive range of 50 nautical miles. With a powerful 125 kW electric motor, this boat combines performance with sustainability, redefining the standards of electric boating in 2024.

As we anticipate the winners, join the conversation on our social media pages. Share your thoughts on which electric boat you believe deserves the top spot in 2024. The sea is calling, and these nominees are answering with innovation and sustainability.

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