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  • Alex Onea

Detailed Review: M 800-R Electric Boat - Luxury Electric Performance on Water

Welcome aboard the future of luxury and innovation on water. In the world where performance meets elegance, the M 800-R electric boat stands as a testament to advanced design and sustainable technology. Created through a unique collaboration between ABT Sportsline and Marian, this limited edition masterpiece redefines what it means to sail in style. Join us as we explore the world of the M 800-R, discovering its powerful electric drive, exquisite craftsmanship, and the unmatched experience it offers to those who seek adventure with a touch of sophistication.

The M 800-R electric boat isn't just a vessel; it's a testament to innovation and exclusivity. With its sleek design and advanced features, this boat pushes the boundaries of what's possible on the water. As we explore its specifications, you'll discover the impressive power of its electric motor, the meticulous attention to detail in its build quality, and the variety of high-tech features that enhance every trip.

What are the key performance details of the M 800-R electric boat?

The M 800-R electric boat boasts impressive performance capabilities that redefine luxury on the water. Powered by an electric motor delivering a maximum power of 450 kW and a continuous power of 250 kW, it effortlessly combines speed and efficiency. Zoom across the waves with a top speed of 85 km/h, or cruise comfortably at 30 km/h, enjoying both exciting adventures and relaxed journeys. Whether you're seeking fast-paced excitement or leisurely escapes, the M 800-R ensures an unforgettable experience with its powerful and versatile performance.

How exclusive is the M 800-R electric boat?

The M 800-R electric boat represents exclusivity with its limited production of just 20 units worldwide, ensuring a rare and highly desired ownership experience. Available in elegant black and clean white color options, each boat stands as a symbol of luxury and sophistication on the water.

What are the key design elements of the M 800-R electric boat?

The M 800-R electric boat showcases meticulous design and advanced features, offering both luxury and functionality. Measuring 7.90 meters in length, 2.50 meters in width, with a draft of 0.65 meters, it balances spaciousness and maneuverability on the water. The boat features carbon air vents and M800-R logos in its interior, demonstrating attention to detail and quality. It includes the innovative ABT | Marian Interface for easy control via mobile app, alongside jet propellers at both ends for precise handling.

Inside, the M 800-R is equipped with a QI wireless charger, Esthec Smoke flooring in a stylish herringbone pattern, and ambient and underwater lighting controlled remotely. A Bang & Olufsen sound system ensures premium audio quality, while saltwater-resistant materials and Alcantara-upholstered carbon seats offer durability and comfort. Keyless Go functionality, using the ABT Marian NFC chip card, adds a modern touch to the boat's convenience features. Altogether, these elements establish the M 800-R as a leader in design and innovation among luxury electric boats.

What are the key features of the M 800-R technology?

The M 800-R electric boat incorporates advanced electric technology designed to improve performance and convenience on the water. Equipped with a robust 121.5 kWh battery capacity, it ensures extended cruising capabilities with minimal environmental impact. For rapid charging, the boat features a CCS charger capable of handling up to 150 kW, allowing quick charging of the battery within a short timeframe. Additionally, the Juice Booster supports charges up to 22 kW, providing flexibility and efficiency in various charging scenarios. With these advanced electric technologies, the M 800-R electric boat not only delivers impressive performance but also contributes to a sustainable and enjoyable boating experience.

Who manufactures the M 800-R electric boat and where is it produced?

Marian Boats, under the leadership of Ion Marian since 2001, is the manufacturer of the M 800-R electric boat. Specializing exclusively in electric boats, Marian Boats has established a reputation for innovation and sustainability in the maritime industry. While the production originates in Romania, the final assembly takes place in Austria, ensuring high standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail. This dual-location approach combines Romanian manufacturing expertise with Austrian precision, resulting in the exceptional quality and design synonymous with the M 800-R electric boat.

As we conclude our review of the M 800-R electric boat, it's clear that this boat is more than just a marvel of engineering; it represents the height of luxury and innovation on the water. From its powerful electric motor and exquisite design to its exclusive production and advanced features, the M 800-R redefines what it means to sail with style and sustainability. Whether you're drawn to its impressive performance capabilities or captivated by its elegant design and advanced technology, the M 800-R offers an unmatched experience for those seeking both adventure and sophistication. With each detail carefully made by Marian Boats, this boat stands as a testament to the future of electric mobility, setting new standards in the world of luxury yachting.

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