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NIU KQi Air Review: Pros, Cons, and Why It's Worth the Price

When it comes to electric scooters, finding the perfect balance between weight and range can be a tough task. The heavier the scooter, the farther it can travel, but carrying it up a flight of stairs can feel like an endless struggle. Today we present you the NIU KQi Air, a game-changer in the world of electric scooters. Despite its higher price point, the NIU KQi Air has quickly become a favorite electric scooter, striking an ideal balance for urban commuters seeking both portability and reliability.

The design of the NIU KQi Air electric scooter exemplifies a perfect fusion of form and function. Constructed with a carbon fiber chassis, this scooter achieves an impressive balance between lightweight portability and robust durability. Its longer wheelbase and larger wheels set it apart from similar models, ensuring a stable and comfortable ride. Adding to its safety features are bright orange LED turn signals integrated into the handlebars, enhancing visibility for both the rider and surrounding traffic. Additionally, the scooter boasts a halo light and powerful headlight, illuminating the path ahead in low-light conditions. For added convenience, a triangular magnesium bracket facilitates effortless locking, providing peace of mind for users when securing their scooter on the go.

What are the main specs of the NIU KQi Air electric scooter?

  • Weight: 26.5 pounds

  • Top Speed: 20 MPH (32 km/h)

  • Max Range: 31 miles - aprox 50 km (realistically around 17 miles - 27 km based on testing)

  • Motor: 350W (700W max)

  • Battery: 451.2Wh/48V

  • Tires: 9.5-inch tubeless

  • Max Rider Weight: 265 pounds (120 kg)

  • Size: 21.3 x 46.7 x 44.9 inches (unfolded), 18.9 inches folded

The NIU KQi Air electric scooter prioritizes user security with its advanced features. Equipped with NFC cards for convenient unlocking, users can also utilize Bluetooth connectivity via their smartphones for seamless access. Additionally, the scooter features a robust locking mechanism complemented by an alarm system, providing peace of mind against theft and unauthorized use. These security features ensure that users can confidently navigate urban environments with their NIU KQi Air electric scooter.

The NIU KQi Air electric scooter integrates a smartphone app, offering users an improved level of control and customization. Through the app, users can conveniently adjust the maximum speed and regenerative braking levels to suit their preferences and riding conditions. Furthermore, the app allows users to monitor essential metrics such as distance traveled and battery life in real-time, ensuring they stay informed throughout their journey. Additionally, the app offers customization options for lighting preferences and unlock settings, allowing users to personalize their scooter experience. With its intuitive app integration, the NIU KQi Air empowers riders to optimize their scooter performance and tailor it to their individual needs.

What is the price of the NIU KQi Air electric scooter?

The NIU KQi Air electric scooter was originally listed for $1,399 but is currently available for $1,049.

Where you can buy the NIU KQi Air electric scooter?

The NIU KQi Air electric scooter is available for purchase directly from NIU or through Best Buy.

What are the pros and cons of the NIU KQi Air?

The NIU KQi Air electric scooter offers several notable advantages that make it an attractive choice for urban commuters. Its lightweight design, combined with a strong carbon fiber frame, ensures easy portability without compromising on durability. Despite its compact size, the KQi Air boasts an impressive range, allowing riders to cover substantial distances on a single charge. Additionally, users can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to its efficient suspension system.

Moreover, the scooter prioritizes user safety with built-in anti-theft features and convenient turn signals on the handlebars, enhancing visibility on the road. However, some users may find the locking mechanism slightly challenging to operate, and connecting the scooter to the app may present difficulties for some individuals, particularly during the initial setup process. Despite these minor drawbacks, the NIU KQi Air remains a compelling option for those seeking a reliable and feature-rich electric scooter for their daily commute.

In conclusion the NIU KQi Air stands out for its portability, performance, and additional features, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a premium electric scooter. However, its high price may steer budget-conscious buyers towards other models like the Hiboy S2.

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