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  • Alex Onea

Yadea Elite Artist: The Affordable Full-Suspension Electric Scooter

Yadea, a leading name in electric mobility, has unveiled its latest innovation in urban commuting – the Yadea Elite Artist electric scooter. Packed with amazing features, the Yadea Artist offers a lightweight and comfortable ride without compromising on performance. Let's take a closer look at what makes the Yadea Elite Artist stand out in the world of electric scooters.

Before introducing the new Yadea Elite Artist electric scooter, we believe it is necessary to provide a brief introduction of the company. Established in 2001, Yadea has become a significant player in the electric mobility sector. With an impressive record of selling 6 million two-wheelers in 2020, the company stands as the world's largest electric scooter manufacturer. Employing a team of 340 developers, Yadea focuses on continual innovation. In 2021, Yadea introduced its new graphene batteries, designed to operate in temperatures as low as −20 °C. Yadea's commitment to advanced technology and eco-friendly transportation solutions underscores its position as an industry leader.

Now that we have a clear understanding of the company's capabilities and the high standard to which the new electric scooter Yadea Elite Artist can be brought, it's time to move on to more serious information. With its full-suspension design, powerful motor, and impressive range, this scooter is set to revolutionize the way we navigate city streets.

What are the main specifications of the Yadea Elite Artist electric scooter?

  • Weight: 18.6 kg (41 lb)

  • Motor: 350W continuous-rated, 600W peak-rated

  • Battery: Integrated 36V 7.7 Ah battery

  • Range: Approximately 30 km (18.6 miles) per charge

  • Top Speed: 15.5 mph (25 km/h)

  • Suspension: Full-suspension with dual swingarm design

  • Tires: 9" diameter, providing shock absorption

  • Speed Modes: Three speed modes available

  • Additional Features: Turn signals mounted in handlebar ends

At what price is available the Yadea Elite Artist electric scooter?

The Yadea Elite Artist electric scooter is available at a price of $499.

As we conclude our exploration of the Yadea Elite Artist electric scooter, it's clear that Yadea has once again raised the bar in urban mobility. With its innovative design, impressive performance, and commitment to sustainability, the Yadea Elite Artist stands as a testament to the company's dedication to providing advanced solutions for modern commuters.

To learn more about Yadea and discover their full range of electric vehicles, we invite you to visit their official website. Experience the future of urban transportation with Yadea today!

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