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New Electric SUV by 2026: Land Rover and Jaguar are preparing to add new EVs

Get ready to experience the next evolution in luxury SUVs with Land Rover and Jaguar's upcoming electric vehicles. From the iconic Range Rover Sport to the sleek and powerful Jaguars, a new era of automotive innovation is on the horizon.

Based on the information we have, it seems that soon we will have a new electric SUV. Better said, we will have several EVs presented by Land Rover and Jaguar. It appears that the two brands plan to launch six electric cars by 2026, consisting of four electric Land Rover models and two electric Jaguars.

What are the four electric SUV Land Rover models that will be presented soon?

Based on the information that we have, the four electric Land Rover models planned to be launched by 2026 are:

  • Electric Range Rover

  • Electric Range Rover Sport

  • Two smaller SUVs based on the new EMA platform, likely replacements for the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Velar

Regarding specifications, we can see some general attributes expected for the electric Range Rover Sport, such as:

  • The electric Range Rover Sport is expected to retain the "go-anywhere" capability of combustion Range Rovers, including a four-wheel-drive powertrain

  • It is expected to have straight-line performance comparable to today's V8 models

  • 800V charging hardware will be fitted to enable rapid top-ups, with a maximum speed likely to be north of 270kW

Specific details about battery size, chemistry, and other technical specifications remain undisclosed. Additional information about their specifications may be available from official announcements or press releases from Land Rover as they get closer to launch.

What are the two electric Jaguars to be revealed?

The two electric Jaguars planned to be revealed by 2026 can be:

  • A rapid four-door GT

  • A large, luxurious SUV in the vein of the Bentley Bentayga

Both models will be based on a bespoke Jaguar architecture called JEA. Specific details about their technical specifications, such as battery size, performance, and features, are not disclosed yet. Additional information about these electric Jaguars may be available from official announcements or press releases from Jaguar as they get closer to launch.

What about the price of the new EVs from Land Rover and Jaguar?

Specific pricing details for the new Land Rover and Jaguar electric models are not disclosed. However, the electric Range Rover Sport is expected to be priced higher than its fuel-burning counterpart to sustain healthy profit margins. This suggests that the electric models may come with a premium price tag compared to their traditional combustion engine counterparts.

In conclusion, the future looks bright for Land Rover and Jaguar as they continue their journey towards electrification. With the upcoming release of electric SUV Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models, along with Jaguar's innovative EVs, the automotive landscape is set to experience a significant transformation. Stay tuned for more updates as these high-powered, environmentally friendly rides pave the way for a new era of luxury driving.

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