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  • Alex Onea

Who are the candidates for the best 2024 World Electric Vehicle?

As we step into 2024, the automotive world is charged with anticipation for the World Electric Vehicle Awards. Recognizing vehicles powered solely by electric motors, with a production volume of at least 5,000 units/year and availability in two major markets across two continents, these nominees represent the pinnacle of sustainable mobility. Join us in uncovering the contenders set to redefine the standards of electric excellence, driving us towards a cleaner, greener future.

In a world increasingly driven by sustainable innovation, the automotive industry stands at the forefront of a monumental shift towards electrification. As we usher in the year 2024, the global stage is set for a spectacular showcase of inovative electric vehicles (EVs) vying for recognition at the prestigious World Electric Vehicle Awards. The nominees, carefully curated for their groundbreaking technology, eco-friendly designs, and unmatched performance, embody the spirit of a future where clean and efficient mobility takes center stage.

We present the top candidates for the title of the best electric vehicle in 2024. These innovative entries meet strict criteria for production volume and global availability, shaping the future of eco-friendly transportation.

Let's dive into the impressive lineup:

Abarth 500e

BMW i5

BYD Atto 3 / Yuan Plus

BYD Dolphin

BYD Seal / Atto 4

Dayun ES3 / SEV E-Wan Cross

Dorcen E20 / Elaris Dyo

Fisker Ocean

Genesis Electrified GV70

GWM ORA 07 / Lightning Cat / Grand Cat

HiPhi X

HiPhi Z

Honda e:Ny1 / e:NS1 / e:NP1

Hongqi E-HS9

Hyundai Kona Electric

Kia EV9

Lotus Eletre

Maxus Mifa 9

Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV





Seres 5 / SF5

Smart # 3

Volkswagen ID.7

Volvo EX30

Voyah Free

XPeng G9

XPeng P7

Zeekr 001

Zeekr X

As we conclude our journey through the remarkable nominees listed on worldcarawards page, we invite you to share your thoughts on the best electric vehicle of 2024. Which model do you believe deserves the crown for innovation and sustainability?

Join the conversation on our social media pages and let us know your pick! Is it the sleek Abarth 500e, the futuristic BYD Dolphin, or perhaps the powerful NIO ET7? Share your opinions, engage with fellow enthusiasts, and be a part of the electrifying dialogue surrounding the future of eco-friendly transportation.

Your voice matters!

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