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  • Alex Onea

Sneak Peek: BYD Sea Lion 07 Takes the Stage at Bangkok 2024

Some days ago, we had the pleasure of seeing a new car from BYD. It's the BYD Sea Lion 07 electric SUV. Recently unveiled at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024, this sleek and stylish vehicle promises to redefine electric mobility.

The new BYD Sea Lion 07 can be described as a coupé-style electric SUV with design elements borrowed from the Seal, including C-shaped headlights, large air intakes, full-width taillights, and a large rear diffuser. Some of the unique features include a black roof and contrasting silver side window accents.

Regarding the technical specifications of the car, unfortunately, they have not yet been disclosed. We only know that the BYD Sea Lion 07 will be offered in three variants, with power outputs ranging from 231 PS (170 kW) to 530 PS (390 kW). It's speculated that the car will feature lithium iron phosphate (LFP) Blade batteries similar in size to other models in the Ocean Series.

The fact that the Sea Lion 07 appeared at the Bangkok International Motor Show suggests a potential launch in Thailand in the future. From what we know so far, we note that it is the only SUV in the Ocean Series confirmed for right-hand-drive production, possibly indicating expansion into new markets. Another confirmed detail is that the BYD Sea Lion 07 is still in the pre-production stage and has not yet been released for sale, not even in China.

In conclusion, from what can be observed so far, the new BYD Sea Lion 07 shares similarities with the Song L model, both being coupé-style electric SUVs with a long body and low roofline. The power outputs and battery sizes of the Sea Lion 07 are compared to existing models in the Ocean Series, suggesting a continuation of BYD's existing lineup with this new addition.

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