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  • Alex Onea

What is the KN car, what is the KN logo, and what KN car models are on the market?

Recently, we realized that there is quite a significant internet search related to the KN car. Because we ourselves didn't know exactly what it refers to, what kind of car it is, what models are available, we decided to do some research and come to your help. Essentially, when you hear about or see the KN logo, it's good to know that it's a mistake. In reality, it's not KN but the logo itself comes from KIA.

Yes, you understood correctly, KN cars refer to KIA cars. For a certain reason, which can be understandable, the new KIA logo can be easily confused with the KN logo. Indeed, I'm not sure if this change has benefited the company or not, but according to Google searches related to KN cars, we can say that it still has an effect on people. It sparks curiosity because it appears new to them, and they don't associate it at all with the KIA brand.

What is the KN logo?

As already specified, the KN logo is actually the logo of the KIA brand, and for this reason, we will present it. In 2021, Kia revealed its new logo, a departure from its traditional wordmark. Designed by Kia's in-house team, the logo embodies "Symmetry, Rhythm, and Rising," according to the team, symbolizing the company's commitment to leading change and innovation. This emblematic shift, from a conventional letter-based design to a tightly fitting angular shape, looks remarkably like the initials KN, adding a subtle twist to the brand's identity. Moreover, the influence of dynamic urban life is evident, shaping not only the logo but also the accompanying slogan, "Movement that Inspires." This marks a significant milestone for Kia, signaling its readiness to adapt and inspire amidst the evolving landscape of design and technology.

Now that we understand exactly what the KN car logo represents, it's time to see what KN car models are available on the market. When we refer to models, in our case, we will only address electric models.

What KN car models are available on the market?

Well, now that you know clearly that when we refer to KN cars, we are referring to KIA cars, and for this reason, we have the following electric car models:

  • EV9

  • Sportage

  • EV6

  • Niro

  • EV6 GT

  • Picanto

  • XCeed

  • Soul EV

Now that you're familiar with what the KN car represents, understand the significance of the KN logo, and know about the KN models available, we also invite you to explore more about these cars on the official Kia website.

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