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  • Alex Onea

The electric bicycle from the future: Meet the Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS E-Bike

Since electric bicycles are winning in front of classic bicycles and we have more and more options and models available, we have the impression that most of us are in search of something never seen before. This time, we found something that will surely please you. We have the electric bicycle from the future, which is available for purchase today. We talk about the Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS E-Bike.

We have the pleasure to introduce you to the Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS E-Bike. Well, even though we call it the electric bicycle from the future, we must specify that in fact The Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS is a unique e-bike introduced by Ryuger in 2021 but gained attention at the Taipei Cycle Show 2024.

As you already know, in order to better understand what Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS E-Bike is all about, we've created some questions and answers that we hope will help you understand why we refer to it as the electric bicycle from the future.

What are the technical specifications of the Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS E-Bike?

⦁ Frame: Full carbon fiber monocoque

⦁ Handlebars: New Ryuger drop carbon handlebars

⦁ Rear Swing Arm: Carbon

⦁ Fork: Unique blade carbon fork

⦁ Seat Post: Adjustable carbon

⦁ Wheels: Ryuger 756 carbon aero wheels

⦁ Suspension: Cane Creek DB Coil shocks (front and rear)

⦁ Tires: Pirelli Cycl-E Granturismo (2-inches wide)

⦁ Motor: Shimano Steps E8000 drive unit

⦁ Display: Shimano E6100 display

⦁ Drivetrain: Shimano Deore XT Di2 11-speed

⦁ Battery: 504Wh

⦁ Maximum Speed: Capped at 15mph

What are some key features of the Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS e-bike's design and construction?

The Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS features a unique blend of design elements, resembling a combination of Moto GP and pedal-powered bikes. It boasts a carbon fiber monocoque frame, carbon handlebars, carbon rear swing arm, carbon fork, and carbon seat post. Additionally, it includes a full suspension system with Cane Creek DB Coil shocks and Pirelli Cycl-E Granturismo tires.

How does Ryuger describe the target market and purpose of the Eidolon E-Bike?

Ryuger describes the Eidolon E-Bike as offering flexibility for daily commuting while also challenging passionate and elite cyclists to push their limits to a new level. This suggests that the target market may include both commuters seeking practicality and performance-oriented cyclists seeking a new level of challenge.

What special features does the Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS e-bike offer for commuters and enthusiasts?

The Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS offers several special features for commuters and enthusiasts. These include a water-tight tank for storage on the top tube, a Prologo T Gale TT CPC saddle equipped with a bottle cage, and a personalized adjustable stand. These features enhance the bike's functionality and convenience for both daily commuting and recreational use.

What is the starting price of the Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS e-bike?

The starting price for the Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS e-bike is £16,006.70 (almost €19.000 / $20.000). This suggests that the bike is positioned at a premium price point, likely targeting affluent consumers and collectors who value innovative design and high performance.

In conclusion, the Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS E-Bike is a remarkable fusion of amazing design and unmatched performance, representing the future of cycling. For more information about the electric bicycle from the future, visit Ryuger's official website and experience the revolution firsthand. Ride into the future with Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS.

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