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  • Alex Onea

Pepsi MAX and TRIPL: A New Urban Advertising Strategy in Oslo Utilizing a Trike

These days, if you've passed through Oslo, Norway, you've had the opportunity to see something interesting. Specifically, if you've had the chance to pass by Oslo S railway station, you might have noticed that Pepsi MAX has left its mark by setting up a promotional stand. Not only that, but you could also see some electric vehicle, or rather, a trike because it has 3 wheels. We will explore what these three-wheeled electric vehicles are and the role they play in collaboration with Pepsi MAX in the following.

As I have already mentioned, in Oslo, an interesting collaboration between Pepsi MAX and TRIPL, an electric urban cargo transportation company, can be seen. Before discussing this collaboration in more detail, and because it is clear that everyone has heard of the Pepsi company, it is important to provide a brief introduction to the TRIPL company as well.

For those who don't know, TRIPL is a Danish three-wheeled electric vehicle, also known as a trike, renowned for its agility and unmatched functionality in urban environments. With its unique design and spacious cargo hold, TRIPL can access areas inaccessible to other vehicles, easing traffic congestion and accommodating larger packages. As the first of its kind, TRIPL offers a distinctive branding opportunity for businesses and operates across major cities in northern Europe, including Amsterdam, London, and Copenhagen, revolutionizing the future of urban logistics. Now we have the opportunity to see them in Oslo.

Now that we understand what TRIPLE is and the fact that this trike can offer a branding opportunity for businesses, it is clear why we can see the brend Pepsi on this trike.

Pepsi MAX and TRIPL in Oslo, Norway

Now it's time to move on to the collaboration between Pepsi Max and TRIPL. From what we've talked with the people installing the Pepsi Max stand in front of Oslo S railway station, the purpose of these trike is to travel around Oslo and promote the Pepsi Max product. With this three-wheeled electric vehicle for urban cargo transportation beautifully wrapped in the Pepsi brand colors, it will be impossible not to notice it as it travels through the city. Thanks to the storage space provided by this TRIPL trike, it's clear that many Pepsi Max products can be transported, so we consider it a good and interesting initiative. We can't wait to enjoy Pepsi Max products.

From what we know, a few years back, Norway represented 9% of the total Pepsi Max sales worldwide. Nowadays, it's possible that this percentage is even higher, with Norway still being the country where Pepsi Max is consumed the most. It's clear that Norwegians are lovers and fans of the Pepsi Max brand, compared to other countries that prefer other brands like Coca-Cola.

Before we finish our article, we have decided to present you with some characteristics of this trike called TRIPL.

What are the specs for the trike called TRIPL?

  • Curb Weight: 301 kg

  • Load Capacity: 200 kg

  • Battery: 72V 5.3 kWh Li-Ion

  • Motor: Rear-wheel drive, 4000W (10kW peak)

  • Top Speed: 45 km/h

  • Acceleration (0 - 30 km/h): 4 seconds

  • Range: Up to 60 km

  • Charge Time: 5.3 hours

  • Cargo Capacity: 750 liters trunk

  • Allowed Total Weight: 596 kg

  • Front Tires: 100/80 - 17" (MC)

  • Rear Tires: 130/60 - 13" (MC)

In summary, the collaboration between Pepsi MAX and TRIPL in Oslo highlights an innovative approach to urban advertising. Through TRIPL's unique design and functionality, Pepsi MAX reaches audiences across the city, signaling a shift in transportation and consumption trends. With TRIPL's impressive specifications and Pepsi MAX's strong presence, this partnership sets a promising precedent for sustainable advertising and logistics.

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