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  • Alex Onea

New Clutch System Improves Electric Motorcycles Performance

Recently, we have the opportunity to see how future electric motorcycles will have on one hand a significant improvement in performance. This is because Zero Motorcycles has unveiled an innovative patent for a new clutch system designed specifically for electric motorcycles.

Before we begin by presenting the new clutch system proposed by Zero Motorcycles, we want to provide a brief introduction to the importance of clutches for motorcycles, especially for electric motorcycles. While electric motorcycles typically don't require clutches due to their direct drive systems, in this case, integrating a clutch can offer riders enhanced control and engagement. It allows for finer modulation of power delivery, better management of torque at low speeds, and even replicates the feeling of traditional motorcycle riding. In essence, a clutch adds an extra layer of versatility and excitement to the electric biking experience.

Now, let's talk about the fact that Zero Motorcycles has filed a patent for a new clutch system for electric motorcycles. This clutch system aims to provide riders with more feel and engagement while riding electric motorcycles.

What are the specifications of the new patent for the clutch system for future electric motorcycles?

Regarding the answer to this question, we can see that there are 5 key points that make this patent stand out.

  • Functionality: The clutch system operates similarly to traditional clutches found in internal combustion engine (ICE) bikes

  • Engagement: Riders can 'dump the clutch', providing a more engaging experience reminiscent of ICE bikes

  • Performance: The clutch modulates torque at low speeds and controls regenerative engine braking

  • Gear Shifting: Unlike some previous electric motorcycles clutch systems, Zero's invention does not require shifting gears

  • Versatility: The system is adaptable to various electric motorcycle models, potentially starting with the Zero SR/F but extending to other similar models like the SR/S and DSR/X

As for the functionality of this new clutch system, we can say that the system is not entirely new, with other companies like Brammo and Electric Motion experimenting with similar systems, as mentioned above. In this case, Zero's clutch system, as stated earlier, does not require shifting gears.

As Zero Motorcycles introduces the integration of a clutch system into electric motorcycles, the future of electric biking looks more exciting and dynamic than ever before. Inspired by insights from the Visordown page, this article highlights the innovative patent filed by Zero Motorcycles, giving readers a look into the advancements shaping the electric biking landscape. With this newfound knowledge, riders can anticipate an exciting evolution in electric motorcycle technology, fueled by ingenuity and driven by passion.

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