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  • Alex Onea

The Future of a Luxury Yacht is Here: BMW has an electric yacht called THE ICON

Probably not everyone knows that BMW is not only involved in creating cars or motorcycles. At the same time, we have a luxury yacht where BMW was collaborating with tech start-up TYDE on a project called THE ICON. The goal was to develop a luxury electric yacht, aiming to promote sustainable mobility on the water. The electric luxury yacht is designed in collaboration with Designworks, BMW's innovation studio, to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior design.

Before talking about BMW's new luxury yacht, we will give a brief introduction to the collaborator Tyde, who is helping create the new electric yacht. TYDE is a progressive lifestyle tech company and a provider of experiences for luxury mobility at sea. Recently, we had the opportunity to present you a new electric luxury yach The Open, that is the largest foiling motor yacht in the world made by Tyde.

Now, we are returning to the world's first all glass luxury yacht. THE ICON, offers a complete package of luxury and sustainability, focusing on passenger comfort, safety, and protecting the environment. In addition to its advanced technology and luxurious features, THE ICON includes extra safety measures to keep passengers safe while sailing. Additionally, potential buyers may want to know about customization options for the yacht's interior design and layout, as well as details about its impact on the environment, how well it performs, and how much it costs. Considering these extra aspects alongside its main features can help people make informed decisions about whether to invest in THE ICON electric yacht, based on what matters most to them.

What are the specifications of THE ICON electric yacht by BMW?

  • LOA: 43ft 2in (13.15m)

  • Draft: 14ft 10in (2.95m)

  • Motor: 2x 120kW Torqeedo Deep Blue

  • Top Speed: 30 knots

  • Range: 488–560 kilometers (WLTP)

  • Power Consumption: 23.3–20.8 kWh/100 kilometers (combined)

  • Propulsion System: Equipped with two electric motors, producing a combined power of 240 kW

  • Batteries: Powered by BMW i batteries

  • Charging: Supports onboard charging with a charging port for convenient charging on the go

  • Control Interface: Equipped with a control interface based on the BMW ID8 operating system and a touch-sensitive display, providing an intuitive user experience

  • Safety Features: Incorporates AI-assisted navigation with 360° cameras for enhanced safety and situational awareness

How does THE ICON utilize innovative technology to reduce energy consumption and enhance performance on the water?

THE ICON utilizes foiling technology, allowing it to fly above the water surface, which reduces energy consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional yachts. This innovative design reduces drag and wave resistance, enabling smoother and more efficient navigation.

What are the key features of THE ICON's interior design and entertainment system, and how do they contribute to the luxurious experience onboard?

THE ICON's interior design resembles a luxurious lounge room, featuring carpet flooring, chrome accents on furniture, ambient lighting options, enhancing the interior ambiance and panoramic views through all-glass walls. The entertainment system includes an Atmos surround sound system and perforated speakers throughout the interior, providing a premium audio experience. These features create a lavish and comfortable environment for passengers, enhancing their onboard experience.

How does THE ICON address sustainability concerns and promote zero-emission mobility on the water, and what measures are in place to ensure future adaptability and longevity?

THE ICON aims to promote sustainable mobility on the water by offering a zero-emission experience powered by BMW i batteries. It reduces environmental impact while providing luxurious and innovative transportation. Additionally, THE ICON is designed with the flexibility to retrofit newer and better batteries as battery technology improves, ensuring future adaptability and longevity while continuing to promote sustainable practices.

What is the price of the electric luxury yacht The Icon by BMW?

The starting price for THE ICON electric yacht is approximately €1,900,000 (ex. VAT). For more information about pricing and availability, we invite you to contact BMW's official page.

In conclusion, THE ICON electric yacht is a fantastic mix of innovation, luxury, and eco-friendliness. With its advanced features, beautiful design, and commitment to clean energy, it offers an amazing experience on the water. For more information, visit BMW's official website and discover THE ICON's incredible features.

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