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  • Alex Onea

This Startup will Solve Traffic Jams with Flying Cars – Is Alef flying car Real?

A few days ago, during the Mobile World Congress 2024 event, we had the opportunity to see a new prototype of a flying car. It seems that our future is heading towards an era where we will escape from traffic congestion. Or, we will have congestion in air traffic!

Until we know how to solve the problem of traffic jam, we see how a company like Alef Aeronautics tries to offer a new possibility of transportation with the help of a flying car. Yes, you read that right! At the MWC24 event, the Alef Flying car was presented.

What is the history of Alef Flying car?

Well, we decided to present you with a brief introduction to the Alef Flying car. How did it all begin? In the Fall of 2015, four friends, Dr. Constantine Kisly, Pavel Markin, Oleg Petrov, and Jim Dukhovny, inspired by a lecture on flying cars, gathered to embark on the ambitious task of creating a real flying car. Their vision, sketched on a napkin in a Palo Alto cafe, aimed to merge the functionalities of a conventional car with vertical takeoff capabilities, all while remaining affordable. By 2016, a sub-scale prototype was built, leading to rigorous testing and demonstration to influential investors like Tim Draper, who became a pioneering investor and mentor.

As progress advanced, the team expanded with young engineers, renowned advisors, and a global network of investors. Milestones were achieved in next years, including successful flight tests and the development of autonomous capabilities. By 2021, the company's focus had shifted towards branding and design, with the hiring of renowned designers like Hirash Razaghi and the official rebranding under the name "Alef," symbolizing its future prominence in the world of consumer vehicles.

Based on this information and what we saw at the Barcelona event, MWC24, we have formulated some very important questions, and we hope you'll find the answers appealing.

Where will the Alef flying car be produced?

The future Alef flying car will be produced in California by the company named Alef Aeronautics. Their objective is to produce cars capable of driving on roads and flying through the air.

What technical specifications will the Alef flying car have?

From the information available to us, two working prototypes have been built, designed to carry two people. In terms of autonomy, the Alef flying car will have a target driving range of 200 miles (320 kilometers) and a flying range of 200 miles (320 kilometers). Regarding the battery, it will utilize electric propulsion with LiPo batteries, with potential for hydrogen cells.

What price will the Alef flying car have?

From what we understand, the Alef flying car will have a market price of approximately $300,000 (€376,600). Of course, the company aims to reduce production costs in the future so that the flying car is accessible to as many people as possible. It is possible for it to reach the price of a typical sedan once they are produced in larger volumes.

When will the Alef Flying Car appear on the market?

In an effort to address a contemporary issue as quickly as possible, namely traffic congestion, the company aims to start production by the end of 2025 pending adaptation of air traffic regulations.

As part of the collective effort to develop air taxis and air car prototypes, Alef offers a promising solution for urban mobility challenges. To learn more about the Alef flying car, visit their main website. This article was inspired by a piece published on the Euronews page.

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