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How to buy your first new Tesla?

Many of you have likely heard of Tesla, the powerhouse in electric car manufacturing. However, when it comes to buying your first Tesla, you might find yourself at a crossroads, unsure of where to begin. That's why we've decided to lend a helping hand by providing you with a straightforward guide, explaining various steps. From choosing your preferred model to understanding the necessary charger and even the option to reserve your first test drive. Whether you're looking to buy the Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, or even the Cybertruck, we're here to guide you on this exciting journey into the captivating world of Tesla cars.

In case you're unsure about your options for purchasing your new Tesla, it's important to note that, in general, there are two possibilities, just like with any other car manufacturer. You can choose to visit a Tesla showroom, or you can go to their online page where you have the option to order a new car.

We will focus on helping you purchase your first Tesla by placing an online order. If you prefer to visit a Tesla dealership, there you will be approached by a specialist who will assist you in this process and answer all the necessary questions.

Great! So, how can you buy your first new Tesla online?

Firstly, visit their dedicated page designed for car orders. Right from the start, it's evident that Tesla experts have structured the page to facilitate the ordering process, with steps including:

  1. Order a Tesla car

  2. Schedule a demo drive

  3. Pay for your car

  4. Prepare for delivery

  5. Take delivery of your vehicle

In the following, we will go further and explain each step presented by Tesla.

1. Order a Tesla car

To order your own Tesla car online, you need to decide which model meets your requirements. From the start, Tesla has created a mini form where you have to answer various questions to better determine the type of car you need.

What style of vehicle are you looking for?

And the options offered are Sedan, SUV, or 'I'm flexible' in case you are undecided.

In the case of the Sedan option, you have two choices to consider. Whether you choose the Model S with seating for 5 adults and a cargo capacity of 28 cu ft (792 liters), or the Model 3 with seating for 5 adults and a cargo capacity of 23 cu ft (651 liters), both options promise an exciting journey into the world of Tesla's electric sedans.

In the case of the SUV option, Tesla also offers two versions. The Model X, being the larger version, is specially crafted with seating for 7 adults and a cargo capacity of 92 cu ft (2605 liters). And, the younger sibling of the Model X, we're talking about the Model Y with seating for 5 adults and a cargo capacity of 76 cu ft (2150 liters). In any case, both Tesla SUVs provide a unique experience.

What happens if you are undecided, or rather, you choose the 'I'm flexible' option offered by Tesla?

In this case, we notice that the page prominently displays all versions of Tesla Models, prompting you to proceed to the next step. This step comes automatically and is the same, regardless of whether you choose Sedan, SUV, or 'I'm flexible'.

The next step, or rather the next question that appears in the Tesla car ordering process is:

How far do you drive each day?

Certainly, Tesla inquires about your daily driving distance to suggest a suitable model and configuration based on your typical usage patterns, ensuring the chosen car aligns with your commuting and driving needs.

In this case, they offer 3 options to choose from based on how far do you can drive each day.

  • 0-40 miles (64 km)

  • 40 - 100 miles (160 km)

  • 100+ miles (160+ km)

After choosing any of the three options provided in miles (km), you are directed to the next step where you are asked:

How will you use your new vehicle?

In this section, they recommend selecting all options that apply to your case. You have a choice among 10 options such as Road-trips, Errands, Family driving, Commuting, Performance driving, Technology, Car camping, Winter driving, Towing, Ride-share.

The final question in the process of ordering a new Tesla car is:

What do you want most from your next vehicle?

And in this case, as with the other questions, Tesla provides various options. You can choose between Range, Speed, Luxury, Utility, Affordability. This time, you have the possibility to choose only one option. It seems that Tesla has not yet created a car that offers all the options.

Now that you have answered all the necessary questions in the Tesla car buying process, it's time to submit your response.

In our case, we tested with various response options in the process of ordering a new Tesla car, and we can say that the page is optimized to provide you with different models equipped differently. In the response, you will find information related to the specific model, as well as the base price, after-savings price ('After Savings' prices include any applicable federal tax credits and estimated gas savings), and the estimated range of that car. At the same time, they also offer you the possibility to configure the presented model according to your preferences or proceed directly to a demo drive.

If you're still undecided about the suggested Tesla model for purchase, in the configuration section, you have the option, right from the start, to add your ZIP code to see exactly what tax incentives are available based on your location. Additionally, you can choose the type of motor (Dual Motor or Tri Motor), the type of traction (all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive), the exterior and interior color of the car, the type of wheels, seating layout (you can choose between 5, 6, or 7 seats depending on the model), and, of course, the steering wheel (either the regular one or the famous Yoke). In addition to all these simple options, Tesla also provides the option to add the Enhanced Autopilot package (which includes Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Autopark, Summon, Smart Summon) or the Full Self-Driving Capability option (your car will be able to drive itself almost anywhere with minimal driver intervention and will continuously improve, including all the functionality of Basic Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot, Autosteer on city streets, Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control). The last thing offered in the configuration is the charging port, where you can choose between the Wall Connector and the Mobile Connector.

After you have finished configuring your Tesla model, the page directs you to the payment process.

2. Schedule a demo drive

If you want to schedule a Tesla test drive, right from the start, you are informed that walk-in availability is limited, so we encourage you to schedule in advance. They recommend making an online appointment to experience driving a Tesla car.

How to schedule a Tesla test drive online?

At first, you go to their page to reserve a test drive. There, you can find information regarding this demo drive, where you will discover the duration (30-Minute Demo Drive) as well as other details about this experience. You will experience Tesla technology, learn about charging & savings, and, of course, all your questions will be answered.

On the same page, you choose the Tesla model you want to test, after which you try to find a time and location. You enter your zip code to search for Tesla showrooms and schedule a Demo Drive. Finally, you are asked to provide contact information such as your name, email, and phone number. By clicking the 'Schedule Demo Drive' button, Tesla informs you that you are giving them permission to contact you regarding the test drive reservation and also about other Tesla products.

How to prepare for a Tesla test drive?

On the page created specifically to prepare you for the demo drive, you have the opportunity to watch various videos where you can see how to drive a Tesla. From unlocking the car and opening the door, configuring settings, to activating autopilot.

What to Expect on your Tesla test drive?

They recommend arriving 10 minutes before the scheduled time, and a Tesla advisor will greet you, check the necessary documents for the demo drive, and then guide you to the prepared car, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the unique capabilities and performance of a Tesla vehicle.

What happens after your test drive with Tesla?

After your demo drive with a Tesla car, we assume you have returned to the place you started, returned the car, and then the same Tesla advisor you started with is available to answer all your questions about the car. If you are determined to proceed with the purchase process, he will assist you in completing all the necessary steps.

3. Pay for your Tesla car

When you have chosen the Tesla model you desire and are ready to proceed with the payment process, you have various options. Firstly, based on your zip code, specifically, where you reside, you can choose to lease the Tesla car, purchase it with financing, or buy it outright. Additionally, they provide the option to trade in your current vehicle and apply the trade-in value toward your new Tesla vehicle purchase.

Don't forget! Before your Tesla is delivered, confirm your payment method with your Tesla Advisor and pay the amount due in your Tesla Account.

To make the final payment, Tesla accepts an electronic check (direct debit) in the Tesla app, wire transfer, or even a certified check at the time of delivery with your Reference Number (RN) and name in the memo line.

Be careful! The total amount for your final payment must come from a single account. Leasing and financing are contingent on credit approval and may not be available everywhere.

How to Lease a Tesla Car?

The Tesla leasing system offers affordable terms and convenient monthly payment options to qualifying customers. When you order a Tesla car, you need to select the Lease option as the payment method. Tesla provides a leasing calculator specifically designed to assist you in choosing the correct payment option.

Attention! Tesla's leasing system is not available for purchasing a Cybertruck! Additionally, the option for leasing from Tesla is not available everywhere, and in this process, additional fees and taxes may be added.

How to purchase a Tesla car with financing options?

Tesla offers multiple financing options for your car. The company includes a financing calculator in the Design Studio, specifically created to assist you in buying your new Tesla car. You have the option to purchase your Tesla through financing with the assistance of a Tesla Financial or with the help of a third-party financier over the terms of 36 to 84 months. Tesla Financing is only available to qualifying customers.

How to buy my Tesla car with the help of Tesla Finacier?

The process is quite simple. After selecting the desired model and reaching the payment section in your Tesla account, there you can see financing options by choosing the 'Finance' section. Then, you need to select 'Tesla' as the financier option and confirm the desired financing amount, your preferred monthly payment, and the financing term. Be careful to review price details before proceeding. Before finalizing, you need to fill in the necessary information such as social security number, phone number, and residence and employment information.

How to buy my Tesla car and finance with a third-party?

If you want to finance the purchase of a Tesla car with the help of an external company (third-party), you need to consider the following steps: you need to obtain financing approval, enter lienholder details, and coordinate the final payment.

  • To obtain financing approval, as your delivery date approaches, Tesla will inform you to apply for financing. Approvals are typically valid for 30-60 days depending on your lienholder’s policy.

  • For offering the lienholder details, once you have credit approval, Tesla will ask you to confirm your lienholder information and financed amount.

  • To coordinate the final payment, Tesla will provide a signed Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement (MVPA) to you closer to your delivery appointment. You are responsible for securing and submitting the amount financed and any balance due prior to delivery. If you are mailing your payment, you may be asked to provide proof of payment, such as a picture of the front of the check along with the tracking number in your Tesla Account.

Attention! Tesla confirms that delivery cannot take place until they receive the funding in full.

How to trade-in your current car in order to buy a new Tesla online?

Firstly, when you enter the trade-in page provided by Tesla, you will find an informative video showing you how simple it is.

To trade in your car in order to buy a new Tesla, there are 4 simple steps to follow. Firstly, in your Tesla account, you need to provide details about your car (such as VIN and actual mileage/km). Then, you have to upload photos of your car. After that, if your trade-in vehicle qualifies, you need to review and accept the online offer. If you accept the offer, you must upload a photo of a valid registration card and your vehicle title. After these are confirmed and approved, the final step is to hand over the car to a Tesla advisor during delivery.

Which cars are eligible for trading in when you want to buy a new Tesla?

According to the official Tesla page, they accept passenger cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs for trade-in value towards a new or used Tesla vehicle purchase. Both internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and electric vehicles (EV) are acceptable for trade-in. Tesla does not accept motorcycles, RVs, or commercial vehicles for trading.

More information regarding questions such as whether you can trade in your car if it is still under lease, or if you can trade in more than one car, can be found on the official Tesla page.

4. Prepare for delivery of your new Tesla car

After completing the order for your new Tesla car, using the same email and password used to place the order, you need to log in to your Tesla account. There, you will find information regarding your order, including details about trading and delivery. Additionally, you can review the chosen plan for charging your car at home or order other charging accessories.

In addition to these, you will have information regarding the estimated delivery timing in your Tesla Account or order confirmation email.

5. Take delivery of your Tesla car

When the ordered car is ready, a Tesla advisor will review delivery options and the most convenient location for you. To have the best experience, Tesla recommends having all pre-delivery tasks prepared in advance, such as submitting your insurance details, final payment, trade-in payoff amounts, and all other documents needed prior to that appointment.

How the delivery process for a new Tesla car works?

Depending on your location and eligibility, Tesla offers you two options to choose from. You can choose to pick up your car from a Tesla location or be delivered to your location.

By choosing the option to pick up from a Tesla location, more precisely express delivery, you will find that the process is a simple one. You need to schedule a pick-up at your nearest Tesla store, where a Tesla Advisor will assist you remotely and guide you to your car. Using the Tesla app, you can take possession and enter the car, where you can review features from your touchscreen and then enjoy your new Tesla.

If you choose the option for your new Tesla car to be delivered to your location, we notice that you have two options to choose from.

One option is where you can choose the Tesla Direct option, through which Tesla will deliver your vehicle to an eligible delivery address, and then you have to sign any remaining documents and drive away within minutes. This Tesla Direct option is available only in certain cases where customers live within an approved distance from their local Tesla delivery center. For this reason, not all customers will qualify for this option.

The second option available for your new Tesla car to be delivered to your location is called Carrier Direct. This option is available for customers who prefer to have their vehicle delivered and who live more than 220 miles (354 km) from the nearest Tesla delivery location. In this case, delivery is carried out by independent carriers and incurs a fee based on your location. If you opt for the Carrier Direct option, you need to speak with a Tesla Advisor, and it's important to note that the delivery date will be provided by the independent carrier service.

If you desire a quick delivery, Tesla recommends taking delivery at a Tesla delivery location.

All the information provided in this guide is sourced from the official Tesla page. We hope this guide on how to buy your new Tesla has been helpful, and we wish you an incredible experience with your new car. Whether you choose to buy the Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, or even the Cybertruck, the decision is yours. We hope to have assisted you in gathering the information needed to fulfill your dream.

Please note that this article is not sponsored by Tesla; it has been created by us with the intention of providing assistance and guidance in your journey to purchase a Tesla. We aim to offer helpful insights independently. Enjoy your Tesla journey!

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