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2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe Review: Specs, Price, Detailed Exterior, Interior, and Drive Review

Hey there, car enthusiasts! Today, we’re checking out the all-new 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe. This latest model is not just about raw power and speed; it’s about combining that exciting performance with the comfort and practicality we all want. Whether you’re a big Mercedes fan or just someone who loves a good sports car, the new AMG GT Coupe has something to offer. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this car so special!

You might be wondering why we're featuring the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe on our ElectricZona website. Well, the reason is simple: this new model comes with an electrifying engine option, the AMG GT 63 SE Performance (Plug-in Hybrid) variant. With impressive power figures, this plug-in hybrid version of the AMG GT Coupe promises not only an amazing performance but also a greener, more sustainable driving experience.

Before we get into the specifics, let's talk about what sets the 2024 AMG GT Coupe apart from its predecessors. This new model is bigger, more spacious, and designed with a focus on both performance and luxury. Mercedes has made sure that this car is not just fun to drive but also a pleasure to live with daily. From the powerful engine to the beautifully crafted interior, every detail has been thoughtfully upgraded. Now, let’s break down the features that make the AMG GT Coupe a standout in its class.

As with all our articles, we’ve put together a series of questions and answers designed to help you get to know the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe better. We hope this format makes it easy and enjoyable for you to discover all the features and details of this amazing car. Whether you’re curious about the specs, the design, or the driving experience, we’ve got you covered!

What are the main specs of the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe?

The 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe is a marvel of modern engineering, combining powerful performance with luxurious design. Here are the main specifications that set this car apart:

  • Engine options:

    • AMG GT 55: 476 horsepower, 700 Nm of torque

    • AMG GT 63: 585 horsepower, 800 Nm of torque (base model in the UK)

    • AMG GT 63 SE Performance (Plug-in Hybrid)

  • Torque: 590 lb-ft

  • Transmission: 9-speed automatic

  • 0-60 mph: Approximately 3.5 seconds

  • Top Speed: 198 mph (318 Km/H)

  • Drive Type: All-wheel drive

  • Fuel Economy:

    • Estimated 18 mpg city (12.8 liters/100 km)

    • Estimated 23 mpg highway (10.2 liters/100 km)

  • Curb Weight: 3,887 lbs

  • Dimensions:

    • Length: 178.9 inches

    • Width: 76.3 inches

    • Height: 50.8 inches

  • Cargo Space: 10.1 cubic feet (approximately 286 liters)

  • Seating Capacity: 2

The 2024 Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance (Plug-in Hybrid) model include:

  • Engine: Plug-in hybrid powertrain

  • Combined Power Output: 843 horsepower

  • Combined Torque: 1,420 Nm

  • Drivetrain: All-wheel drive (AWD)

  • Transmission: 9-speed automatic

What are some key aspects of the exterior design of the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe?

The exterior design of the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe achieves a perfect balance between elegance and aggression, showcasing a sleek outline complemented by a long hood. Standout features include its wide rear fenders, which convey a sense of power and athleticism, along with striking 21-inch alloy wheels that grab attention on the road. Adding to its sporty appeal, the car boasts real air vents, improving both looks and functionality. However, it's worth noting that while many design elements impress with their authenticity, some, like the exhaust tips and diffusers, incorporate fake features.

How is the interior of the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe?

The interior design of the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe radiates luxury and sportiness, boasting premium materials such as carbon fiber and Alcantara. Standout features include turbine-style air vents that add a touch of sophistication, complemented by ambient lighting that improves the overall ambiance. Additionally, the car is equipped with an advanced infotainment system, ensuring an enjoyable driving experience. However, it's important to note that while the interior impresses with its upscale feel, some drawbacks include oddly placed controls and certain components that may feel less premium.

What practical features does the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe offer?

When it comes to practicality, the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe has some handy features to offer. It comes with a reasonably spacious boot, providing 321 liters of storage capacity, along with convenient under-floor storage for additional items. However, it's worth noting that the rear seats are a bit tight, making them more suitable for children than adults. Despite this, the car incorporates useful elements such as a hands-free tailgate and various storage solutions, improving its overall usefulness for everyday use.

What is the driving experience like in the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe?

When it comes to the driving experience, the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe offers a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its adaptive suspension system. It's designed to absorb bumps and provide a pleasant journey for both driver and passengers. Additionally, the car comes equipped with advanced driving modes and features, allowing for a dynamic driving experience suited to your preferences. However, some drivers may notice a slight delay in paddle-shift response from the gearbox, which could affect the speed of gear changes during energetic driving.

What are the Pros and Cons of the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe?


The 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe comes with several appealing features. For instance, it includes a standard axle lift system, improving ground clearance for smoother rides over uneven terrain. The speed limit warning system is easy to customize, adding convenience for drivers. Furthermore, the car boasts an adjustable rear wing and front splitter, which help improve aerodynamics and overall performance. Lastly, multiple ISOFIX anchor points offer increased safety and flexibility for installing child seats.


Despite its positives, the AMG GT Coupe does have its downsides. Some drivers might find certain aspects of the car annoying, such as the pop-out door handles and the somewhat unconventional digital dial designs. Additionally, the car's heavier weight and lack of carbon ceramic brakes as standard might disappoint those seeking top-tier performance. Moreover, some controls and features may feel cheaply made or inconveniently placed, taking away from the overall driving experience.

What is the price of the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe?

The price of the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe starts at approximately $140,000. However, the final cost can vary based on the selection of optional features, packages, and customizations. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, it’s advisable to check with local Mercedes-Benz dealerships or the official Mercedes-Benz website.

In conclusion, the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe stands out for its improved usability compared to its previous model, all the while delivering robust performance and luxurious comfort. Positioned in direct competition with rivals like the Aston Martin Vantage and Porsche 911 Turbo S, it holds its ground with confidence. For more informations of the 2024 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe we invite you to check the official website of Mercedes.

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