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  • Alex Onea

New 2024 Curt Anyroad E-Bike: Ampler presents All-Road Electric Bicycle for Every Terrain

Ampler, a European e-bike manufacturer known for its conventional bicycle-like designs, has introduced the Curt Anyroad as part of its 2024 model refresh. Designed and assembled in Estonia, this innovative e-bike combines quality design with advanced features to tackle any road ahead. With integrated lights, fenders, and hydraulic disc brakes, the Curt Anyroad offers unmatched durability and safety.

This new electric bicycle from Ampler stands out due to its adventure-ready design. In the following, we hope the details presented will demonstrate why the new Ampler Curt Anyroad electric bicycle is a perfect choice if you want to experience adventure rides but also have a day-to-day e-bike. Join us as we explore the details of this all-road explorer, designed to redefine your cycling experience and bring the excitement of adventure to life.

What are the main specs of the Curt Anyroad electric bicycle?

  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy 6061, double butted

  • Fork: Aluminum, tapered, 12 mm thru axle

  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes Shimano M6100

  • Tires: Panaracer GravelKing SK Plus 43-622, ProTite protection

  • Weight: 16.9 kg

  • Battery: Integrated battery, 48V 336Wh

  • Motor: Rear motor with new hub shell, 250W nominal output

  • Assist Speed: 25 km/h

  • Range: 50–100 km depending on terrain and assist mode

  • Drivetrain: 10-speed Microshift Advent X

  • Charger: 3A Li-ion charger with Rosenberger magnetic plug

  • Charging Time: 2.5 hours for 100% charge

What optional extras are available for the Curt Anyroad electric bicycle?

Optional extras for the Curt Anyroad electric bicycle include a rear carrier and a trailer adapter. Also, the Ampler Curt Anyroad electric bicycle features Bluetooth, GSM, and GPS connectivity. In the same time the e-bike receives over-the-air updates and firmware information.

What makes the Curt Anyroad e-bike different from other electric bicycles in 2024?

The Curt Anyroad e-bike is unique because it's built for adventure and it's designed to handle different types of terrain and weather conditions with its strong construction and features like hydraulic brakes and puncture-resistant tires.

What warranty and return policy does Ampler offer for the Curt Anyroad e-bike?

According to their official website, Ampler provides a 2-year warranty for the Curt Anyroad e-bike, and you can return it for free within 14 days if you're not satisfied. This means you can buy with confidence, knowing you're protected if there are any issues with the bike.

In how many colors is the Curt Anyroad electric bicycle available?

From what can be observed on the official Ampler page, The Curt Anyroad electric bicycle is available in 3 colors: Matte Black, Lavender, Silver.

What price has the Court Anyroad electric bicycle?

The Curt Anyroad electric bicycle is priced at €3690, which includes 22% VAT. This price excludes shipping costs.

Where you can buy the Curt Anyroad electric bicycle?

The Curt Anyroad electric bicycle by Ampler can be purchased directly from the official Ampler website.

In conclusion, the Curt Anyroad electric bicycle offers an exciting mix of versatility, durability, and performance, making it an ideal choice for adventurers and urban commuters alike. For more information about this innovative 2024 electric bicycle, visit the official Ampler website. Start your journey towards exploration and adventure with the new Ampler Curt Anyroad E-Bike today!

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