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  • Alex Onea

Electric Duo: Xpeng Launches G9 SUV and P7 Sedan in Germany

One of the Chinese electric car manufacturers takes a significant new step and introduces two of its models to the European market. We're talking about the company Xpeng, which has decided to introduce the G9 SUV and P7 sedan models in Germany. Stay with us and find out the price and the date when these two models will start to be available.

For those who are not familiar with the company Xpeng, we have decided to give you a brief presentation. XPeng Motors, founded in 2014 by Xia Heng and He Tao, is a leading Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer renowned for its innovative lineup, including the G3 SUV and P7 sedan. Expanding globally with recent debuts in Norway, XPeng is at the forefront of technological advancement, securing investments from Alibaba, Xiaomi, and Volkswagen Group. With a focus on self-driving capabilities and strategic partnerships, such as with ACCESS Europe and Volkswagen, XPeng is driving towards a sustainable and connected future in the automotive industry.

Now, returning to the two models, it is important to briefly present to you some of the specs of these two models.

Xpeng G9 specs:
  • Engine Configuration: Electric Power 405 kW.

  • Horsepower. 551 hp (543 bhp)

  • Fuel Consumption WLTP. 21.3 kWh/100km.

  • Electric Range. 336 - 392 km. 16 kWh/100km.

Xpeng P7 specs:
  • Range: 706km (NEDC Range)

  • Acceleration: 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds

  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS): XPILOT 3.0

  • Chassis and Drivetrain: Dual Motor All Wheel Drive

  • Front Double Wishbone + Rear Multi-Link Suspension

  • Brembo Brake System

Now, returning to the company's plan to introduce the Xpeng G9 and Xpeng P7 to the European market, it should be noted that Xpeng plans to work with 12 local dealers across 24 retail locations in Germany initially, aiming to increase the number of dealers to 60 and expand to 120 retail locations by the end of 2026.

Both models will be available in multiple versions. The G9 will be available in three options: rear-wheel drive standard range, rear-wheel drive long range, and four-wheel drive long range. The P7 will also be offered in three options: a rear-wheel drive long range version, a four-wheel drive performance version, and a four-wheel drive Wing Edition.

At what price will Xpeng G9 and Xpeng P7 be available in Germany?

From the information we have, the Xpeng G9 will be available with starting prices ranging from 57,600 euros to 69,600 euros. The Xpeng P7 will be available with starting prices ranging from 49,600 euros to 69,600 euros. Official sales of the two models in Germany will begin in May 2024.

The fact that Xpeng G9 and Xpeng P7 will be available in Germany is very good news considering that more and more companies are gearing up to offer us a growing availability of their own electric cars in Europe. From what we understand, Xpeng's plans do not stop here, as Xpeng also plans to enter other European markets including France, Italy, and the UK. For more information about Xpeng's models, we invite you to visit their official website.

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