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  • Alex Onea

Who Just Committed to Formula E Until 2030?

If you are a fan of Formula 1, then you probably follow what happens in the Formula E competition as well. This time, we have information that makes us realize how this competition is becoming increasingly serious and attractive to electric car manufacturers. It seems we now have confirmation that the giant, Porsche, is looking long term towards Formula E and it seems they are very involved.

In a bold move towards sustainable motorsport, Porsche has solidified its commitment to Formula E's Gen4 era until 2030. This announcement marks a significant milestone in the convergence of innovation and racing, as the iconic manufacturer embraces Formula E's platform to drive technological advancements.

The Gen4 era of Formula E will start in 2026/27 and conclude in 2029/2030. Porsche is the third manufacturer to confirm its entry into this era, following Nissan and Jaguar. Porsche entered Formula E in the second season of the Gen2 era (2019/20) and has significantly improved its performance in the Gen3 era. They, along with their customer team Andretti, have claimed six wins since the start of 2023 and currently lead the manufacturers' trophy.

Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds praised Porsche as a straightforward partner to work with, emphasizing their commitment to motorsport and the importance of developing next-generation technology. As we witness Porsche's firm commitment to Formula E until 2030, it's clear that the landscape of electric racing is evolving rapidly. With major players like Porsche embracing sustainability and innovation, Formula E is set for an exciting future.

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