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  • Alex Onea

Volvo Cars Fornebu Hosts a Remarkable Event: Caring and Giving is the Best Advertisement

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending a special event in Oslo, Norway, hosted by Volvo Cars Fornebu. It was an extraordinary experience, and if you thought it was about unveiling a new Volvo electric car, you'd be mistaken. It was so much more! It was about caring and giving back.

As I've mentioned before, the essence of the event is about caring and giving. I highlight this because the event's goal was to raise funds for ¨Jula i Boks¨ and, surely, to encourage a sense of well-being.

For those who don't know, "Jula i Boks" means Christmas in a Box. This initiative started last year and aims to contribute to a nice Christmas celebration for those who feel anxious about Christmas in Bærum. If you want to contribute or just need more info about 'Jula i Boks', you can check their official website.

Returning to the event, as I gathered information from the organizers, this marked the 5th year of Volvo Cars Fornebu hosting such an occasion. For the initial four years, the event was exclusively designed for women, but this year it was expanded to welcome a wider audience, including men.

Let's not forget that the main goal of the event was to donate to 'Jula i Boks' (Christmas in a Box). We were delighted to see how in just one evening, a total of 40k NOK could be raised for donation. It's clear that this couldn't have been possible without the large number of people willing to participate and buy a ticket to the event (knowing that the income from the tickets will be donated), as well as the generosity of those at Volvo Cars Fornebu who helped and contributed to this beautiful sum.

Participating in such an event was truly a pleasure, surrounded by great people. We also enjoyed a small stand-up comedy show presented by the famous Adam Schjolberg, who also served as the host. In addition to this, we had the pleasure of having Christer Berens, a wine expert, as guest, who provided us with various wine varieties. Furthermore, we were treated with food to truly complement the wines offered! Adding to the experience, DJ Johanne Barman Jenssen skillfully curated an atmosphere of relaxation and elegance.

The evening didn't end there, and the surprises from Volvo Cars Fornebu kept coming. From the variety of tables provided for various entrepreneurs to sell different products, to the internal lottery created by the Volvo Cars Fornebu team. Essentially, all event attendees received a number upon entry, which was later entered into a raffle where various prizes were won. Many people went home with more than just an experience from the event.

During the event, we could walk among the cars displayed inside the Volvo Cars Fornebu dealership. We had the chance to explore and evaluate various Volvo models, including the new electric model EX30. All along, we received assistance from the staff, who were there to support us with information.

If you're interested in purchasing a new Volvo electric car in Oslo, Norway, we invite you to check out their official website. Moreover, you can visit the Volvo Cars Fornebu dealership directly at John Strandruds Vei 14, 1360 Fornebu.

In conclusion, Volvo Cars Fornebu's event was a testament to the power of caring and giving. From its beginning to its execution, the focus remained on spreading joy and supporting those in need. It was a night filled with smiles, friendship, and generosity, leaving a strong impact on all who attended. As we reflect on this remarkable experience, let's remember that the true essence of any event is not in its size, but in the warmth of human connection and the spirit of giving back to our community.

Here's the photo gallery from the event for you to enjoy.

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