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  • Alex Onea

Top 10 Best Electric Motorcycles with Long Range for 2024

When we're in search of a new electric motorcycle, one of the most important factors we typically look at is the battery. Specifically, how far we can go on a single charge with the electric motorcycle. Now, with the evolution of technology, we're starting to see more and more electric motorcycles offering long range. For this reason, we've chosen the top 10 best electric motorcycles with long range that you can have in 2024.

In this article, we try to present the top 10 best long range motorcycles of 2024. In this case, you'll find a fairly wide range of available models. You can choose from a naked electric motorcycle for city riding, off-road models, or even electric super sport motorcycles. In our top selection, we've decided to feature electric motorcycles with a minimum range of 100 miles (160 kilometers).

10. Triumph TE-1 - 100 miles (160 km)

The Triumph TE-1, inspired by the Triumph Speed Triple, marks Triumph's entry into electric motorcycles. With a long range of 100 miles (160 kilometers), the TE-1 accelerates from 0 to 60mph in 3.6 seconds and hits 100mph in 6.2 seconds, powered by a 175bhp electric motor. Charging from 0-80% takes just 20 minutes, and with a weight of 220kg, it boasts an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 795bhp per tonne. While detailed plans are pending, we think it is possible to appear this year. Find more info about this project on their official website.

09. Zero DSR/X – 115 miles (185 km)

The Zero DSR/X offers a long range of 115 miles (185 kilometers) on a single charge, making it a versatile option for riders. It excels both on and off-road, featuring long-travel suspension and an off-road mode for adventurous journeys. Powered by a 102bhp electric motor, it accelerates from 0 to 60mph in under 3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 112mph (180 km/h). Charging the battery takes approximately 2.7 hours for a full charge, or 1.6 hours with a 6kW rapid charger. Prices for the Zero DSR/X start from £24,150. For more information about this electric motorcycle Zero DSR/X, visit their official website.

08. Onyx RCR - 120 miles (193 km)

Blurring the line between motorbike and e-bike, the Onyx RCR offers versatility and power in one. With a long range of 120 miles (193 kilometers) on a single charge, it's ready for both urban commutes and off-road adventures. Sporting a 5000W motor in sport mode, it reaches speeds over 55mph (88 km/h), while Eco mode conserves energy for extended rides. Customization options include 'Street Kit' or 'Dirt Kit' configurations, along with choices for side panels and suspension. Prices start from £4241 for the 'Street Kit' and £4496 for the 'Dirt Kit'. Information about this electric motorcycle Onyx RCR, you can find on their official website.

07. Evoke Urban Classic - 155 miles (249 km)

With sharp sports bike styling, the Evoke Urban Classic boasts a claimed long range of 155 miles (249 kilometers), though real-world performance suggests closer to 120 miles (193 kilometers). Accelerating from 0 to 62mph in under six seconds, it's powered by a 33bhp motor with 154lb ft of torque, reaching a top speed of 86mph. Equipped with its own 3.3kW charger, it charges in just 90 minutes from empty. Prices for the Evoke Urban Classic start from £6880. More about this electric motorcycle Evoke Urban Classic, visit their official website.

06. Zero SR/S - 142 miles (229 km)

The Zero SR/S offers a sleek riding experience with advanced connectivity features via the Zero app, allowing riders to access important ride information. Equipped with a 17.3kWh battery, it charges in just 1.1 hours from empty using a 6kW rapid charger. Its powerful electric motor delivers 110bhp and 140lb ft of torque, propelling the SR/S from 0 to 60mph in under 4 seconds and reaching a top speed of 124mph. With a claimed long range of 142 miles (229 kilometers), though some reports suggest up to 160 miles depending on riding behavior. Prices for the Zero SR/S start from £18,590. If you are interested about this electric motorcycle, visit their official website.

05. Energica Experia - 160 miles (257 km)

The Energica Experia is a grand tourer designed for long-distance journeys, featuring ample storage space with 112 liters, four USB charging ports, and a lockable compartment for two charging cables. Weighing 260kg, its 102bhp motor accelerates from 0 to 60mph in just 3.5 seconds, with a top speed limited to 112mph. Equipped with a 22.5kWh battery, it offers an impressive long range of 160 miles (257 kilometers). Riders can choose from four driving modes and four battery regeneration modes to customize their experience. The Energica Experia is priced at £25,990. For more about Energica Experia, visit their official page.

04. Lightning LS-218 - 180 miles (290 km)

The Lightning LS-218 stands out as one of the fastest bikes, boasting a remarkable 0-60mph time of less than 2 seconds. This electric motorcycle it's available for order starting at $38,988. Its powerful 244bhp 150kW electric motor promises a top speed of 218mph (350 km/h), while delivering an impressive long range of 180 miles (290 kilometers) when driven sensibly. Originating from a project since 2015, the LS-218 has a history of winning speed records and outperforming petrol-powered bikes at events like Pikes Peak. Buyers can customize their LS-218 with options including a 24kWh fast charge system, various wheels, paint, swing arm, and suspension upgrades. If you want to order the Lightning LS-218, you can do it from their official page.

03. Damon Hypersport - 200 miles (322 km)

The Damon Hypersport emerges as a powerhouse with remarkable specifications. With 200bhp and 147lb ft of torque, it reaches speeds up to 200mph (322 km/h) and accelerates from 0-60mph in just 3 seconds. Damon claims a long range of 200 miles (322 kilometers) on a full charge, with rapid charging taking 45 minutes for 80% capacity, 2.5 hours for 90% via 240v level 2 charging, and 15 hours for 90% via 110v level 1. Loaded with features like traction control, ABS, various ride modes, a reversing camera, and wireless connectivity, the Hypersport promises a futuristic riding experience. Regarding the price, we can say that you have the possibility to reserve different versions of the Damon Hypersport and you need to make a deposit which will be refunded to you in case you decide to cancel. If you want to reserve and find out more about the Damon Hypersport, visit their official page.

02. Energica EVA EsseEsse9+ - 249 miles (400 km)

The Energica EVA EsseEsse9+ offers exceptional long range and performance. Energica claims a remarkable city range of 249 miles (400 kilometers), 143 miles (230 kilometers) combined travel, and 112 miles (180 kilometers) on high-speed motorways. Accelerating from 0-62mph in just 3.1 seconds, it's limited to 125mph. Riders can select from four riding modes and four regeneration modes for a customizable experience. Prices starts from $28,000. Check their main website if you are interested.

01. Evoke 6061-GT - 307 miles (494 km)

The Evoke 6061-GT it could arrive this year. The price may start from $25,000. This electric motorcycle is offering an impressive long range of 307 miles (494 kilometers). The Evoke 6061-GT claims it will cover 410 city miles or 307 miles (494 kilometers) of mixed riding on a single charge. With a 120bhp 163lb ft electric motor, it achieves a sweet 0-62mph time in just 3.6 seconds and top speed of 124mph (200 km/h). Charging takes 12 hours from empty to full via a 3.3kW charger, or just 30 minutes from a 90kW rapid charger. Find out more about the Evoke 6061-GT from their own official website.

In conclusion, electric motorcycles continue to advance, offering impressive ranges and performance. With options like the Evoke 6061-GT promising a long range over 300 miles (494 kilometers) on a single charge and rapid charging capabilities, the future looks bright with this top 10 best electric motorcycles with long range for 2024.

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