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  • Alex Onea

The Safe Shield Battery: Rad Power Bikes Answer to Ebike Safety Risks

The increasing popularity of electric bicycles has drawn attention to safety concerns regarding the batteries powering them, with reports of fires causing injuries and property damage. For this reason, companies like Rad Power Bikes are working to improve the safety of ebikes and are offering a new solution such as the Safe Shield Battery.

As already mentioned, Rad Power Bikes is the company that produces the Safe Shield Battery. Rad Power Bikes, founded in 2007 in Seattle, is a leading electric bike company. They specialize in affordable, high-quality ebikes for various purposes, prioritizing safety and innovation. With a diverse range of models and a commitment to customer service, Rad Power Bikes aims to revolutionize urban transportation with eco-friendly solutions.

Due to safety concerns surrounding batteries, authorities in various regions, including New York City and the UK, have introduced regulations and bans on ebikes and batteries that fail to meet recognized safety standards due to safety incidents. In response to these regulations, Rad Power Bikes has taken steps to ensure safety compliance by announcing that all its electric bicycles comply with UL safety standards. They have also introduced the Safe Shield Battery, which features technology designed to protect against overheating and corrosion.

What features differentiate The Safe Shield Battery from traditional ebike batteries?

The Safe Shield Battery incorporates technology designed to protect against overheating and corrosion. Each cell is enclosed in a "unique heat-absorbing resin" to prevent overheating, and the battery is certified to UL 2771 standards.

How does the Safe Shield Battery address safety concerns surrounding ebike batteries?

The Safe Shield Battery aims to mitigate safety risks associated with lithium-ion batteries by preventing overheating, corrosion, and potential thermal events. Its design includes heat-absorbing resin and adherence to UL safety standards.

Are there any compatibility limitations with the Safe Shield Battery?

The Safe Shield Battery is compatible with various Rad Power Bikes models, both existing and new, as long as they feature a semi-integrated or external battery design. However, it is not compatible with electric bicycles from other brands.

Rad Power Bikes has introduced new ebike models, such as the Radster Road, Radster Trail, RadWagon 5, and RadExpand 5 Plus, featuring improvements in safety, performance, and design.

What is the price of The Safe Shield Battery?

The Safe Shield Battery is priced at $599 and is available for purchase separately.

In conclusion, Rad Power Bikes' introduction of the Safe Shield Battery marks a significant advancement in addressing safety concerns surrounding electric bicycles batteries. With its innovative design and adherence to UL safety standards, the Safe Shield Battery offers riders peace of mind while enjoying their electric biking experience. This article was inspired by the information provided by the NewAtlas page.

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