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  • Alex Onea

Sirena 48 Hybrid: The First Hybrid Luxury Yacht

When we think about electric cars, we know from the start that they can be fully electric or partially electric, better known as hybrids. But when we think about a luxury yacht, what do we think of? Considering that the world of electric yachts is not yet fully developed, it's clear that the hybrid yacht sector isn't either. Well, now we have the Sirena 48 Hybrid, which is the first hybrid luxury yacht.

Let's get ready to embark on a journey like no other with the incredible Sirena 48 Hybrid yacht This sensational yacht isn't just about luxury – it's leading the charge towards a greener, more eco-friendly future on the high seas. Join us as we set sail into a world of innovation and sustainability, where every wave brings us closer to a brighter tomorrow. Let's discover what makes the Sirena 48 Hybrid yacht a true champion of the ocean!

Further, we have prepared a series of questions and answers that we hope will provide you with the necessary information to see why this Sirena 48 Hybrid yacht is so special. First we will start by giving you the specifications that outline the dimensions, propulsion system, performance capabilities, and features of the Sirena 48 Hybrid yacht.

What are the main specs of the Sirena 48 Hybrid yacht?

  • Length Overall (LOA): 16.04 meters

  • Hull Length (LH ISO 8666): 13.79 meters

  • Waterline Length (LWL ISO 8666): 13.77 meters

  • Hull Beam (BHmax ISO 8666): 5 meters / 16 feet 5 inches

  • Max Draft (TMAX ISO 8666): 1.16 meters

  • Loaded-Displacement Mass (mLDC ISO 8666): 32.4 tons

  • Hybrid System Type: Serial Hybrid System

  • Electric Motors: E-Motion Electric Engines SAE1, 213kW x 2

  • Generators: E-Motion Variable Speed Generators, 180 kW x 2

  • Hybrid System Battery Pack: 39.1 kWh x 2 = 78.2 kWh (Standard)

  • Propeller Diameter (Max): 700 mm / 2 feet 355 inches

  • Max Speed: 14 knots

  • Cruising Speed: 6-6.5 knots

  • Range @ 6.5 knots with only Standard Battery Pack (Full Electric Mode): 1.8 hours, 12 nautical miles

  • Range @ 6.5 knots with additional (Optional) Battery Pack (Full Electric Mode): 3.6 hours, 24 nautical miles

  • Diesel Tank Capacity: 1900 liters / 502 gallons

  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 600 liters / 159 gallons

  • Black Water Tank Capacity: 300 liters / 79 gallons

  • Gray Water Tank Capacity: 240 liters / 63 gallons

  • Cabins: 3 standard + 1 (optional crew cabin)

  • Beds: 6 + 1 (crew)

  • Toilet facilities: 2 + 1 (crew head)

  • Building Material: GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

  • Hull Type: Semi-Displacement

  • Exterior Styling & Concept: Sirena Marine

  • Interior Design: Sirena Marine

  • Naval Architecture: German Frers

  • Certification: CE Category B

Why is the Sirena 48 Hybrid considered a game-changer in the world of yachting?

The Sirena 48 Hybrid is a game-changer due to its innovative series hybrid propulsion system, which is a departure from traditional setups commonly found in yachts. This approach promises quieter running, lower emissions, and a more refined cruising experience, positioning the yacht at the forefront of eco-friendly yachting technology.

How does the hybrid propulsion system of the Sirena 48 Hybrid contribute to a more sustainable cruising experience?

The hybrid propulsion system of the Sirena 48 Hybrid significantly reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to traditional diesel-powered yachts. By utilizing electric motors for propulsion and incorporating lithium-ion battery packs, the yacht can operate in full electric mode for extended periods, minimizing reliance on fossil fuels. Additionally, the system allows for quieter cruising and reduced environmental impact, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable yachting practices.

What sets the design of the Sirena 48 Hybrid apart from other luxury yachts, and how does it improve onboard comfort and performance?

The design of the Sirena 48 Hybrid combines luxurious comfort with eco-conscious engineering, setting it apart from other luxury yachts in its class. The yacht features spacious interior and exterior spaces, including inviting shared areas and a three-stateroom layout, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable cruising experience for passengers. Moreover, the incorporation of innovative hybrid technology improves onboard performance, offering impressive range capabilities and quieter operation, making it a standout choice for eco-conscious yachting enthusiasts.

Also, solar panels are mounted on the roofline of the coupé version of the Sirena 48 Hybrid yacht. While these solar cells may not generate enough solar energy to drive the boat directly, they help to top up the batteries and enable the yacht to spend long hours at anchor in silent mode without running either of the generators.

As we sail towards a more sustainable future, the Sirena 48 Hybrid shines as a symbol of innovation in the world of yachting. With its eco-friendly design, luxurious features, and impressive performance, it shows us the potential for greener seas ahead. Explore the seas responsibly and in style with the Sirena 48 Hybrid. Set your course for a brighter tomorrow, and let your dreams take to the water. To learn more about the Sirena 48 Hybrid yacht, visit their main website.

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