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  • Alex Onea

Portuguese GP: Who won the first MotoE race of 2024?

As you know, last weekend the first MotoE race of 2024 took place, the Grande Premio Tissot de Portugal. We had the first race out of a total of 8 races scheduled in the MotoE 2024 provisional calendar. Let's see who won the first race of 2024.

As we have previously mentioned, the FIM MotoE World Cup represents, from our perspective, the future toward which the traditional MotoGP World Championship is heading. After witnessing the first race of 2024, we can indeed say that the technology and evolution reached an unimaginable level. And this is just the beginning.

Returning to the Portuguese GP, it took place at the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve. In qualifying, we witnessed an intense battle for the first and second positions on the starting grid, with a difference of only 0.067 seconds. Eric Granado secured the pole position with a time of 1:46:470, followed by Nicholas Spinelli, Matia Cassadei, Hector Garzo, Alessandro Zaccone, Oscar Gutierrez, Jordi Torres, Lukas Tulovic, Kevin Zannoni, and Miguel Pons. Of course, we chose to present the top 10 from the starting grid out of a total of 18 riders.

The first MotoE race in Portimao was a crazy one. In fact, to better define what happened during the race, we can say it was a rollercoaster. Unfortunately, the leader of the first MotoE race of 2024 from the pole position, Eric Granado, wasn't very lucky, and things went wrong too soon as he crashed his motorcycle. Additionally, rider Alessandro Zaccone received a Long Lap Penalty for being involved in a crash with Jordi Torres.

We don't want to get into more details about what happened during the first MotoE race of 2024, the Portuguese GP, because we want to keep you curious and interested enough to make you eagerly anticipate the next race. Now, let's move on to the curiosity that probably everyone has.

Who won the Portuguese GP, the first MotoE race of 2024?

The Portugal GP race, part of the 2024 MotoE World Championship, was won by Mattia Casadei. Essentially, the reigning champion is back on top. For those who don't know, Mattia Casadei is the first-ever MotoE World Champion.

Second and third places are taken by Hector Garzo and Nicholas Spinelli, who had an incredible race. The following positions were occupied by Lukas Tulovic, Kevin Zannoni, Oscar Guttierez, Massimo Roccoli, Andrea Mantovi, Eric Granado, and in 10th place, Matteo Ferrari managed to finish.

In conclusion, after witnessing the first event of the 2024 MotoE World Championship, we can say it was truly a demonstration of technology and spectacle. Now that the first MotoE race of 2024 has concluded, it's definitely worth taking a look at the next race, the France GP, on the 2024 MotoE calendar.

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