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Made in USA: The Electric Boat Halevai Model2050 Is Changing the Game

We all know that things made in USA have a certain value compared to production from other countries like China. It appears that the Halevai Model2050, a new electric boat produced in America, follows the same pattern. This innovative electric boat represents safety, performance, and sustainability. With its advanced design and top-notch features, the Model2050 is set to revolutionize the marine industry. Let's explore the future of boating with Halevai.

Before we start talking in more detail about the new electric boat made in USA, the Halevai Model2050, it's helpful to provide a brief introduction to the company. Halevai is a concept boat manufacturer founded in 2020, with the goal of producing safe, renewable, and cost-efficient electric boats. They bring together expertise in engineering, design, and conservation to develop sustainable marine solutions. Over four years, Halevai has conducted research and development, collaborating with industry partners such as Hyper Craft, Mercury Marine, and Navico Group. Their flagship vessel, the Model2050, offers top-range performance and is designed to provide customers with the most technologically advanced onboard experience.

Now it's time to move on to discovering the new electric boat, Halevai Model2050.

What are the main specs of the Halevai Model2050 electric boat?

  • Size: 24-foot (7.3 meters) recreational vessel.

  • Hull: Constructed with a fiberglass-infused E-QXCFM 3515 hull.

  • Battery: Offers a choice between a 60 or 120-kWh marine-grade battery pack.

  • Powertrain: Equipped with a Mercury Alpha 1 Gen 2 drivetrain, generating 300 horsepower.

  • Speed: Capable of cruising at 25 mph (40 km/h) and reaching a top speed of 35+ mph (56+ km/h).

  • Range: Provides up to 50 nautical miles of range on a single charge (standard pack).

  • Charging: Features a 6.6 kW onboard charger with an optional 30/40/50 amp charging station.

  • Features: Includes a customized 12-inch navigation screen, high-power surround sound system, keyless startup, and three select drive modes.

  • Material: Incorporates 100% organic cork flooring throughout, including the 26" (66 cm) swim deck in the rear.

The HALEVAI Model2050 utilizes a durable marine-grade battery systems of superior quality. All their battery packs are made in USA, ensuring premium craftsmanship and reliability. They proudly provide a Standard 100 kWh range for enhanced performance and extended usage.

Regarding the availability of the Halevai Model2050 on the market, we know that the production is scheduled to commence in the summer at the White Bluff, Tennessee facility. Therefore, the electric boat will be available to the public soon after production begins.

What will be the price of the Halevai Model2050 electric boat?

From what we know, the base price for the Model2050 electric boat starts at $185,000.

As Halevai prepares to set sail into a new era of sustainable boating with the launch of this new Halevai Model2050 electric boat made in USA, we invite you to explore further on their official website for detailed specifications, updates, and purchasing information. Reflecting Halevai's philosophy and mission, the Model2050 represents a commitment to leading the charge towards cleaner, more sustainable boat-building practices while emphasizing the vital importance of protecting our environment.

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