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  • Alex Onea

Racing for Change: Introduction of The UIM E1 World Championship

We have the opportunity to present to you a new competition in the world of boat racing. The UIM E1 World Championship stands out as a symbol of new ideas and eco-friendly practices in water sports. It’s more than just racing—it’s about making marine transportation better. They're starting small by adding charging points at race spots, but it's a big step toward cleaner seas. In a world worried about the environment, this championship leads the way in showing how clean tech can change how we move on water.

What is the goal of UIM E1 World Championship?

At its heart, the UIM E1 World Championship is all about keeping our oceans healthy. They work hard to bring back coastal areas and teach people why it's important to take care of them. It's not just about winning races; they also talk to communities and help them understand why marine life matters. The championship is a chance for cities to come together and improve their coastlines. By doing good things for the environment, they make cities better places to live.

Plus, the championship is all about being green. Their electric RaceBirds don’t leave a big footprint, showing that it's possible to have fun without hurting the planet. Mixing fast races with taking care of nature, the UIM E1 World Championship shows how sports can make the world a better place.

Who are the Founders of UIM E1 World Championship?

From what we observe on their official page, UIM E1 World Championship has three founders at its core.

Alejandro Agag, who is a pioneer in sustainable electric motorsports, took advantage of a gap in the market for the new sustainable form of motor racing and was inspired to build two electric championships from scratch like Formula E and Extreme E, and ultimately, the UIM E1 World Championship.

Rodi Basso, who is an engineer born in Naples, also has a passion for nature and sustainability. Having written his own thesis with NASA, he has come to work alongside important names in the motor racing world such as Ferrari and Red Bull Racing.

Sofi Horne, of Norwegian origin, is practically the creator behind the Racebird concept. Coming from the marine industry, where she designed interiors for superyachts at SH Maritime, she made the jump into the design and build process of the innovative electric foiling raceboat used in the E1 race.

Considering that this electric boat championship is not yet widely known, we can see a growing interest among maritime racing enthusiasts. Lately, we have also noticed a considerable interest from some pilots, observing how the famous Dani Clos has taken the step towards this electric boat race.

As the UIM E1 World Championship drives towards a greener future for marine sports, you can learn more about their electric boat races on the official E1 Series website. Join in for exciting races and help protect our oceans!

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