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  • Alex Onea

Electric Yacht Silent 120 and Xcraft XP4 eVTOL: The Future Fusion

Prepare for the future of fancy travel as British eVTOL maker, VRCO, joins Austrian yacht builder, Silent Yachts. They're mixing sky and sea with a cool new idea. Find out how electric yachts Silent 120 and Xcraft XP4 eVTOL are teaming up to redefine luxury for the rich.

Step into a world where fancy planes meet cool yachts. VRCO, known for its electric planes, teamed up with Silent Yachts, famous for their solar-powered yachts. Together, they're mixing things up by putting VRCO's new eVTOL plane on Silent Yachts' top yacht, the Silent 120. This is a big deal because it's the first time a plane company and a boat company are working together like this.

How is the VRCO Xcraft XP4 eVTOL going to be?

The VRCO Xcraft XP4 eVTOL will be a super modern aircraft with fancy features and cool tech. It will be powered by four tilting and rotating turbofans, ensuring efficient and reliable electric propulsion. Safety will be a priority, with the inclusion of a special parachute for emergencies and a hydrogen-based range extension system for added flight security. Each XP4 will be customized according to the owner's preferences, with options for materials and design both inside and out, picked by renowned Italian designer Marco Casali. With a capacity for up to four passengers, the XP4 promises to deliver a luxurious and personalized flying experience.

How is the Silent 120 yacht going to be?

The Silent 120 is going to be a really cool yacht with some awesome features. It's all about being kind to the planet, so it's going to run by using solar panels to power everything. That means it won't make any noise or pollution, which is great for the environment. The yacht is also going to be super spacious, with plenty of room for hanging out and enjoying the ride. And it's going to have a special spot for landing a flying car on top, so you can have even more fun exploring both the sky and the sea.

This partnership is all about luxury and being kind to the planet. As we said, Silent Yachts' Silent 120 runs on sunshine, making it super eco-friendly. And VRCO's eVTOL plane is all about fancy flying with cool safety features. Both companies are pushing the evolution of the yacht Silent 120 and Xcraft XP4 eVTOL to make travel awesome without hurting the environment.

Now, with electric travel taking off, the yacht Silent 120 and Xcraft XP4 eVTOL are showing us what the future might look like. Mixing electric boats and flying eVTOL isn't just about being fancy, but it's also about being smart about how we get around. This partnership is bringing together the best of flying and sailing for a whole new level of cool travel.

Also, Silent Yachts is teaming up with U-Boat Worx to put electric submarines on their yachts in the future. This means yacht owners can explore underwater too! With both electric yachts and submarines, Silent Yachts offers a complete adventure package for rich travelers who want to explore both above and below the water.

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