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  • Alex Onea

Cube Nuroad Hybrid: A Closer Look at the Electric Gravel Bicycle

When you hear the word hybrid, you immediately think of hybrid electric cars. But what happens when you hear the word hybrid associated with an electric bicycle? We know it sounds interesting, and if we analyze this word association overall, we basically come to the conclusion that all electric bicycles are actually hybrids. They are powered by an electric motor, but at the same time, human force is used to pedal forward. Today, we decided to introduce you to the new electric gravel bicycle, Cube Nuroad Hybrid.

Now that you understand why we made this association between electric bicycles and the word hybrid, it's clear that the people at Cube have come up with a name as original as it is true. German brand Cube has once again redefined electric biking with their newest release, the Cube Nuroad Hybrid. Unlike typical hybrids, this electric gravel bicycle features Bosch's advanced SX drive system, marking a significant advancement in e-gravel cycling. Let's take a closer look at what sets this versatile bike apart and why it's capturing the attention of adventurers and commuters alike.

What are the main specifications of the Cube Nuroad Hybrid?

  • Weight: The bike weighs 12.9kg

  • Motor: Equipped with Bosch's SX drive system

  • Torque: The Bosch SX motor delivers up to 55Nm of torque

  • Battery: Comes with a 400Wh battery, with an option for a 250Wh range extender

  • Frame: Constructed with carbon fiber (C:62 carbon)

  • Tire Clearance: Forks can accommodate up to 50mm tires

  • Mounts: Rear carrier mounts, front mounts, and fork mounts for versatility

How many models of Cube Nuroad Hybrid are available?

The Cube Nuroad Hybrid is available in five models: Nuroad Hybrid C:62 SLT 400X, Nuroad Hybrid C:62 SLX FE 400X, Nuroad Hybrid C:62 SLX 400X, Nuroad Hybrid C:62 RACE FE 400X, and Nuroad Hybrid C:62 RACE 400X. Each model offers unique features to meet different preferences and needs, ranging from high-performance racing setups to commuter-friendly configurations.

What is the price of the electric bicycle Cube Nuroad Hybrid?

The price of the Cube Nuroad Hybrid electric gravel bicycle starts from £3,599. This indicates that it is positioned as a mid to high-end option within the electric bike market.

While this price may be higher compared to traditional non-electric gravel bikes, it reflects the presence of advanced features such as the Bosch SX drive system and carbon fiber frame, which contribute to its overall performance and durability. Additionally, the availability of multiple models at different price points allows potential buyers to choose the one that best suits their budget and desired specifications.

If you're interested in the Cube Nuroad Hybrid, we invite you to explore further on Cube's official website. There, you can learn more about its features, see the available models, and maybe find the perfect match for your biking adventures. Plus, if you're ready to make a purchase, the website also offers the option to search for the closest dealership near you. Don't miss out on experiencing the future of electric biking with the Cube Nuroad Hybrid.

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